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Explore Safe and Discreet Dating with the New OkFun App

Dating just got a lot more fun and discreet with the launch of OkFun, a new dating app aimed at helping singles and couples connect in a safe and private way. The app provides a platform for users to explore their desires while protecting their privacy.

OkFun sets itself apart from other dating apps by prioritizing user safety and discretion. The app includes features like Flame, which allows users to like or dislike other profiles anonymously, Browse, which recommends compatible people based on preferences, and Hide Me, which gives users more control over their privacy settings.


"We created OkFun as a judgment-free space for people to discover themselves and what they want out of dating and relationships," said Michael, founder of OkFun. "It's designed for exploratory dating with the proper precautions in place to ensure all users feel comfortable."


With OkFun, singles and couples can chat, set up casual or serious dates, and make connections without worrying about who will see their profile. And for those who want an extra layer of discretion, the Hide Me feature tightly controls profile visibility so users can date on their own terms.


OkFun is now available for free download on Android. To learn more about exploring safe, private dating experiences, visit

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