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Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Lawyers in Queens NY

Divorce is a very complicated process, especially in New York. Laws regarding divorce vary by county, but if you're considering applying to a Queens Divorce Lawyer, it's essential to hire the right one. Divorce can be one of the most stressful situations you will face in your life, so make sure your attorney understands the laws and regulations related to this issue. Let's talk more about divorce lawyers.


What is Divorce Law?


Divorce is the legal process to end a marriage. Divorced persons must complete various paperwork and processes, such as filing petitions, obtaining interim orders and finalizing property division agreements, before they can be considered legally divorced.


Notice Clause


When dealing with a divorce attorney, it is essential to understand the following terms:




Guardianship is the legal right to make important decisions about a child's health, education, and welfare. If the court awards custody to both parents, it is called joint custody. In some cases, one parent may have sole custody of the child without the other parent having visitation rights.


Prenuptial agreement


A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people before they get married. It can help you protect your assets in a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can also help if you want to decide how to divide your property and how to handle your finances!




Regulations are an important tool in helping you and your spouse navigate your divorce. An agreement is a written agreement between parties and can take many forms, including an oral contract or a written court document.


Issues Involved in Divorce


Divorce is the legal process to end a marriage. Divorce involves many issues such as property division, child custody, and alimony. Divorce can be either contested or uncontested:


Property division


You may be wondering how to divide your property in a divorce. In New York, property is divided according to property type and each person's percentage interest in that type of property.




Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a form of financial assistance paid by one spouse to the other. It may be paid by a husband or wife, an ex-spouse, or a third party such as a family member or friend.


Child support


When the parents are unmarried and do not have a custody agreement, the court determines the amount of child support based on the income of both parents.


In conclusion Divorce is a difficult time in your life. If you are going through divorce proceedings, you must have all the information you need to successfully complete the process. If you need help with a divorce lawyer, visit our website:


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