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Complete Solution to All Your Financial Planning Needs

We know how important it is for you get the most out of investing your hard earned cash. With the low interest rates in banks, the returns achieved by investing in them are very poor. Where you invest, depends upon your attitude towards investment risk vs reward and period of return.

At Hult we carry out comprehensive research and analyse all options to ensure that the investment you make is aligned with your financial goals and objectives. Our experience team will determine what risks mean to you and the timescale over which the investment needs to be made, take into account all your personal preferences and considerations.

Our investment panel selects the leading funds from investment sectors and companies.. We benchmark the portfolios and we build and monitor them for you, this ensures you know you are achieving value for money with your investments. Our bespoke portfolio planning is done with a quarterly review which may be by email, phone or meeting or a combination of all throughout the year.

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