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Cab Booking Website – Planning to Launch Online Taxi Booking Website?


Booking a cab with just a few clicks on your mobile device is a very pleasant customer friendly experience. This can only become a reality with the existence of an efficient cab booking website. What then is an efficient cab booking website and software? It is one that gives you both the front end and back-end source codes, to enable you to add or improve any features as need arises and as the customer needs dictate. The truth is that customer preferences are changing every day, and for a taxi booking business to remain relevant, it has to move and grow with the changing customer preferences. Otherwise, it will automatically become obsolete.


Installation of the Taxi Booking Software

This should be a simple and easy process. One that you can do for yourself. However, in order to make sure that the taxi cab software is well installed, your service providers should be able to offer the same service even if at an extra cost. It is all worth your while.


Compatibility of the Cab Booking Software

If the cab booking software’s compatibility is not wide enough, then the users will also be few. It is important to have a taxi cab software that is compatible with all the main browsers and the most popular mobile devices.


Save the Customer’s Time

In most instances, the customer opts for the online taxi booking in order to save time. In fact, that is the whole essence of having an online taxi booking system. Therefore, if your cab booking website does not save the customer’s time, it is failing!


Expeditious Order Confirmation

The customer should be able to receive the confirmation details within a flash of a second. Your taxi cab software should be designed in a way to allow such receipts by for example enabling the customer to download the order confirmation and receive it through their email addresses.


Access to all the Booking Statistics

Your taxi cab software should record all the booking statistics and allow you access on your cab booking website. This includes all the fare totals and all the journeys covered by the taxi drivers.


Website Analytics

You cannot know how good or bad your cab booking website is performing if you do not have access to analytics. Look for a cab booking software that comes with Google analytics integration to always monitor its performance. That is the only way you could know what needs to be upgraded or even changed all together.


Negup Solutions offers a global Taxi booking software called Cabookie that is currently used by several taxi companies around the world.

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