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Moving to a new house or apartment can be stressful, complex, and time-consuming, especially when your furniture and household products are unique, fragile, or expensive.


Imagine a typical residential move and the time it takes to pack all your items, selecting a mover, and scheduling a time with them. All this while balancing work and family life. Now add some household artwork and some high-value items like sculptures, one-of-a-kind art pieces, and some high-end paintings. Simple small moves begin to transform into very complex and stressful situations.


Thankfully, safely packing and moving these items does not have to be complicated. A respectable moving firm will streamline complicated moves involving fragile or valuable artwork by using their packing and shipping experience to bring you peace of mind.


If you are considering packing and shipping your artwork on your own, ask yourself these questions.


  1. Assess the Scenario: Do you have the time, tools, and experience to complete the job?
  2. Assess the Physical and Mental Demand: What is your age, physical health, and how much moving experience do you have?
  3. Assess the Expense: Is the total expense of a Do It Yourself action less than working with an art shipping specialist like Ship Smart?
  4. Assess Chance Of Damage: What are the chances of damage? What is the replacement value of your items?


By following a few basic ideas, packing and shipping your artwork can all be well within a day's work, whether you're doing it independently or allowing an art shipper to manage it. If you've spent thousands (or millions) of dollars collecting one-of-a-kind art pieces, moving them yourself with your nephews is unwise. Reliable professionals like Ship Smart have experience relocating art shipping across the U.S. and overseas. They have experienced packing experts, the appropriate tools, and insurance to fully cover your items from pick up to delivery.


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