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Budgeting For Your Euro Trip

Though Euro trips are fun, they can eat into your finances if you don't budget well. Budgeting is easier said than done, as the amount of money you'll need depends on a host of factors like stay, food, flights, attractions, transportation and more.


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Here are some tips to budget for your upcoming Euro trip.


Look for flight deals


European destinations are popular, so almost every airline has flights to European cities. When you plan ahead of time, you're likely to get better discounts on flight fares. Also, plan to make the most of off-season rates to save more money on your airfare.




If you're travelling alone or with friends, hostels are a good choice. Though hostel prices vary greatly from city to city, you can expect anywhere from 8€ to 39€, depending on the dates of your stay. Typically, weekdays cost lower than weekends.




Food is probably the hardest to budget because it really depends on what you feel like having on any given day. Also, it depends on where you eat, as restaurants cost a lot more than eating at grocery stores. Due to these factors, it's safe to allocate a minimum of 25€ a day for food. However, this money will only buy food at standard restaurants, and does not include the cost of beverages.




Most people go to Europe to experience a different culture, which is best seen through its many attractions. Unfortunately, there is an admission fee for every major attraction. Though these fees are not exorbitant, it can add up when you visit many attractions through your entire trip. It's good to budget about 15€ a day, though it can end up a lot cheaper if you get student discounts.




All major European cities have good public transportation, and there are multiple travel passes for each. Go through the different options, and choose the one that best fits your travel plan.




While travelling to Europe, set aside a little extra money to give you flexibility to try different things like skydiving or clubbing.


In short, travelling to Europe doesn't have to be too expensive, if you plan your finances well.

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