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Bucky Coin Partners

Round 1

Bucky coin is proud to announce a list of block chain companies that have decided to integrate Bucky coin payment in their system.


Vega entertainment

Vega entertainment is a famous block chain company from India. The company acquires and produces Indian movies, music and videos. Vega entertainment has a library of 2000 movies in all the Indian native languages. The company creates and uploads free videos everyday to many platforms.

The platform does not only produce contents. They also host other talented singers and artist on their channel. They provide artists with the necessary production, and post-production support to make their albums.  They also provide regular news about the sought scoops, celebrity news, and gossips on their blogs.


Red Winz

Red wine is an Indian interior design company. The company has many beautiful interior portfolio samples. The company was created in 2017 with a trusted group of design experts to deliver the most elegant furniture and sculpture materials. Their clients include restaurant, hotels, bars, and landed property owners. Their mission is offer customized solution to fit every client’s need.


Chef mantra

Just as the name implies, they provide their customers with the healthiest and happiest ingredients for cooking. They deliver over 20 recipes per week to their customers. The ingredients are correctly measured to suit every customer. The recipe comes in a packaged recipe box arranged from trusted ingredients suppliers.

The ingredients are delivered straight to each customer’s door in an insulated box. The ingredients are farm fresh organic recipes such as seasonal fruits, vegetables and also superfoods such as chia, matcha, raw cacao, and pea protein.



Voyatone offers multiple contents products through its content developers, technology partners, and content adapters. They enable media companies to track and manage their digital assets. They partner with other content creators to optimize the contents on their platform. Users are free to subscribe to their favorite content on the platform.



WTS is the first alliance partner in India. WTS is a global network of consulting firms from different countries around the world. They provide legal, tax and consulting services. They have a vast array of client’s which include national groups, multinational groups, non-profit organizations and private clients.


Cyber verve

Cyber verve is a company that reduces the risks of cyber incidents. The company provides control system engineering services to infrastructural organizations. They provide clients with cyber solutions, assessments, and implementation. The platform has the best cyber management tools. They also support a wide range of control systems and devices.


Baby pigs

 Baby pigs is an online platform for kids. The platform provides kids with the opportunity to learn shapes and colors. They provide a secure platform for kids to learn numbers, Alphabets, and animals.  In summary, the site provides kids with the resources to learn and have fun.

Other platforms that accept Bucky coins are Five little spuds, Super Color Kids, Swagath Restaurant at Bangkok, The Moonshine Project, CafeMelange, Trivive PTE LTD and Movie Mint

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