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Brooklyn Property Management Atlasnyc

ATLAS NYC works with City Council members to help them achieve their community expectations. Best Property Management Company in NYC and Co-op Management are two services we offer. For townhouses, low-rise, high-rise, single-family homes and other property types, we offer top management, easy-to-read financials, complete maintenance, apartment management, lease management and more.


We provide exceptional property management services for a variety of properties. Residential properties, non-profit organizations and rental building management are our specialties. We are also certified and educated to handle all areas of commercial property management, providing each client with strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology.


Thanks to our dedicated team and innovative systems, we provide Brooklyn-based property management companies with competent, accessible, and cost-effective services.


Our Brooklyn-based property managers are committed to being proactive, which is why they visit their properties once a week and provide quick service and expertise when you need it. Thanks to our partnerships with contractors and suppliers, we deliver budget-friendly fees to our properties, which have a significant impact on our clients' planning and budgets.


We are committed to building long-term partnerships, so we only work with those who share our commitment to contributing to the communities we call home.


Commercial Estate

Learn how ATLAS NYC can help with your commercial real estate.


We understand the complexities of commercial real estate. We are licensed and competent to handle all aspects of property management. Our innovative systems and extensive resources provide proactive services to reduce costs, increase profitability and return on investment.


With our ten years of experience, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with industries and suppliers. As a result, we can provide our clients with qualified and reliable contractors at negotiated prices that benefit your profits.


As each property is unique, our managers have a good relationship with each owner, ensuring all expectations and obligations are clear and any issues are resolved promptly. We deliver value to our clients by providing proactive and managed services.


Non-profit organizations

Not-for-profit residential properties provide essential living spaces that contribute to the diversity of our communities. ATLAS NYC values ​​and supports these unique attributes and their specific needs.


We are positioned to provide nonprofits with the governance they need. Thanks to our dedicated people and personal approach, we can fine-tune our services to match the unique requirements of each property. We work with each organization to ensure we deliver on the mandates, policies and commitments that define their work.


ATLAS NYC Brooklyn Property Management is connected to the development community and can therefore assist with redevelopment strategies or densification plans.


residential rental

The Brooklyn management style of Atlas NYC has contributed to the success of residential rental buildings.


We have a lot of experience with rental properties between us. Our experts will help you improve profitability by providing insights on successfully managing your property and understanding the current rental market.


Well-run properties attract better tenants. Our team of fully certified real estate advisors can serve outstanding tenants at market rents by professionally and successfully managing your property.


Our decades of expertise have helped us build long-term strategic partnerships with industry and suppliers, allowing us to provide our clients with experienced and reliable contractors at negotiated prices, helping them save money.


We bring the uniqueness of ATLAS NYC into our clients' plans and budgets by providing proactive management services.


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As the industry leader in Brooklyn property management, we proudly serve countless homeowners every day. We help communities excel by providing comprehensive programs and services tailored to your individual needs. We always put people first, which is why choosing ATLAS NYC gives you a level of trust and security you won't find anywhere else.

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