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Welcome to DomusLegal a distinguished destination for premier real estate lawyer in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Established with a commitment to excellence, our firm is a beacon of expertise in the dynamic realm of real estate law.

We will delve into a wide array of real estate law topics, encompassing property transactions, landlord-tenant dynamics, contract law, zoning regulations, property rights, and beyond. I will also delve into interconnected areas such as wills and estates law, construction law, and housing regulations, offering a thorough exploration of the legal intricacies within the real estate industry.


In the complex world of real estate transactions, one important document, the listing agreement, frequently takes center stage. In this article, we will delve into the complexities of this critical document, including what a listing agreement is, its importance in real estate transactions, and the important components that create this contractual structure.


A listing agreement protects Best real estate lawyer in Toronto by defining their rights to commissions. It acts as a legal protection, guaranteeing that if the property is sold or leased within the term of the agreement, the agent is entitled to reimbursement.


The mutually beneficial partnership between the real estate agent and the property owner is outlined in a listing agreement. Their shared objective is to sell or lease the property at the best terms. To achieve this goal, the listing agreement typically includes details such as the listing price, the duration of the agreement, the agent’s commission rate, and any specific marketing strategies to be employed. It also outlines the agent’s responsibilities, such as conducting open houses, advertising the property, and negotiating with potential buyers or tenants. The listing agreement serves as a roadmap for both parties, ensuring a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities throughout the selling or leasing process.


Steven Safieh

Steven Safieh was born and raised in Toronto. He has nearly 30 years of experience, having begun working as a Lawyer in 1995. He approaches every transaction with the utmost professionalism and patience. Steven keeps you involved, and personally guides you in making important decisions about your deal, calmly and effectively. He never forgets that clients are people with unique emotions and values. He will let you know what is going on at every stage, and explain every small detail so that you are in charge. Steven is qualified to practice law in the Province of Ontario, in the State of California, and in England & Wales.


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