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Best Property Management Companies in Brooklyn NYC

Specializing in best property management companies NYC, ATLAS NYC is dedicated to adding value to our clients' properties by maximizing their lifecycle through seamless, fully integrated management of all work processes, systems and people.


ATLAS NYC provides its clients with a full range of professional property management services, from the first consultation through the tenant separation process, focused on optimizing owners' return on investment and protecting their interests.


Property Analysis

Market research and planning

ATLAS NYC has compiled a wealth of information on the region's demographics, market trends and investor sentiment. We use this data for in-depth analysis to determine the best marketing techniques and tenant profiles. In New York City, there is also "peak rental season." ATLAS NYC capitalizes on this trend by executing lease agreements at specific times of the year to maximize landlord income.


Market analysis

We evaluate our clients' properties against similar properties, taking into account long-term trends and macroeconomic factors. Therefore, we can negotiate rent amounts that are beneficial to the client and fair to the tenant. ATLAS NYC recognizes that the real estate industry is constantly changing, which is why we keep a close eye on new trends and developments in the market. This strategy ensures that every transaction is based on the latest information.


Property audit

Each property has its distinctive characteristics. Before we release them to the market, we thoroughly inspect them to discover ways to improve value. This may include suggestions for interior design, exterior renovations or functional enhancements.


Attribute promotion

ATLAS NYC has an extensive network of highly qualified and experienced contractors and Brooklyn property management companies, which allows us to commission property renovations that are both cost effective and profitable.


Ongoing Property Analysis

We take a proactive approach to property management and are always on the lookout for problems. In order to minimize inconvenience to landlords and tenants, these issues are quickly resolved at an early stage.


Potential additional income

Our comprehensive property audits can help landlords identify areas for improvement to maximize income and capital appreciation. We employ an integrated strategy that considers both near-term and long-term interests.


Site management

We employ property managers who have years of expertise in the field. Their role is to communicate with tenants on a regular basis, identify issues as they arise, and enforce lease restrictions if needed. They do the job with the utmost care and attention, resolving any issues to everyone's satisfaction.



ATLAS NYC responds immediately to maintenance and repair requests as soon as our managers notice a problem or a tenant contacts us. We work with an extensive network of highly capable, certified and experienced contractors who have all been with us for a long time.



Our property managers are responsible for tracking rental income. Any instances of delinquency, disagreement or alleged default will be referred to senior management for resolution.


Management away from the workplace

Remote management

The ATLAS NYC team's top Manhattan property managers are responsible for the legal and financial management of client properties. The team works closely with property managers and clients. We maintain the highest level of transparency.


Property report

ATLAS NYC provides clients with regularly updated investment reports to maintain a high level of transparency. These are tailored to each client's specific needs and preferences.


Tenant Screening and Leasing

ATLAS NYC property management operations conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants and match their qualifications to your requirements. Our procedures guarantee that clients will receive high-quality tenants that meet their needs. Tenants can apply in person, by email or through the company website. Because we use different channels, we can offer landlords a wide range of leasing options. We answer your property inquiries and requests in a timely manner.

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