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Benefits of New York City Signs & Awnings – Truartsignco

Retractable awnings are an excellent sun protection system: durable, low maintenance, energy efficient and low cost. The use of retractable awnings can also provide specific benefits to business owners in two ways: capital improvements that maximize the building’s appeal and functionality, and improved customer experience that is more enjoyable for shoppers, visitors, and passersby and pleasant experience. shop or building.


Fixed and retractable awnings: how is the business different?


Traditionally, fixed awnings have been the mainstay of commercial awnings, but with the growing awareness of retractable shading systems, retractable awnings are becoming an increasingly attractive option for a number of reasons:


Fabrics for fixed awnings have a lifespan of five years or less because of constant exposure to sunlight, snow, rain and wind, all of which can discolor or tear the fabric. Retractable awnings have a huge advantage in being able to stretch – the fabric can be protected from harsh weather conditions. Combined with options like motors and sensors (for light, wind, rain and motion), the awning can close automatically in situations that would normally damage the fabric or frame. Retracting the awning when not in use, such as on a shady or cold day, reduces sun damage to the fabric from UV exposure. With retractable awnings, the fabric has an average lifespan of 15 years - three times longer than fixed awnings. Since the retractable awning frame is covered for up to 25 years and the motor is covered for up to 5 years, motorized retractable awnings offer a very good cost investment.


Improve customer experience with New York City Signs & Awnings


Retractable awnings can create a more enjoyable outdoor experience. This has a subtle but tangible impact on customers. The area around the entrance is cooler, shady, rain-proof, and generally more pleasant. The main function of a better customer experience is better foot traffic. The stylish feel of the awning makes customers want to browse, while the anti-glare, heat and rain protection features make browsing more comfortable.


However, sunscreen has a dual purpose. UV protection (because the sun's rays never reach the interior) protects window displays and furnishings and prevents fading. Even the interior of the store is more attractive to customers, and a heavy investment in signage and merchandise prevents passive sun damage.


Online shopping with On the one hand, buying online costs 35% less than buying from a brick-and-mortar store. A good online company will provide 3D images of how the awning will look on your building, fabric samples and ample installation support, as well as a long-term warranty so there is no risk to product quality.


Get automatic accessories. According to industry research, electric retractable awnings are four times more used than manual awnings. Other features such as sensors (for sun, wind, rain and motion), pitch adjustment of rainwater runoff and remote controls can also improve the use of retractable awnings.


New York City Signs & Awnings offers quality awnings and patio covers that are easy to use and affordable.

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