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Benefits of led video lighting in Dubai, UAE


LED video lighting provides a vibrant way to display the visual effects of your business, making them truly noticeable to customers. Display any image: a glossy photo of the latest product, an announcement of the current special offer, and a menu that attracts passers-by outside the restaurant. In fact, the light box is any size graphic that has a backlight and is packaged in a unit. Because it is backlit, it produces a visually dynamic effect that can be used even in low ambient light to make it clear and eye-catching.

With the latest developments in LED technology, led video lighting are becoming more and more popular and have many significant advantages.

led video lighting

Power saving

LED Video lighting in Dubai uses a small fraction of the power of fluorescent lamps, so it is very energy efficient. This is a particularly important issue for light boxes, which are usually turned on for long periods of time (if not 24/7). This greatly reduces the operating cost of the light box.


The life of fluorescent lamps is estimated to be 10 to 15,000 hours, while the lifetime of LEDs is 35.5 to 50,000 hours. This means that LED light boxes last longer than fluorescent lamps, require no maintenance, and do not require replacement of bulbs or tubes.

Carbon footprint

In a climate where companies are now expected to focus on their carbon footprint, reducing energy use is another step toward carbon neutrality. LED lighting is ideal for use with solar energy, so if you want to achieve a completely green business, you'll be the ideal choice.

Thin line

Due to the very small size of the LED luminaires, the light boxes can be equally slender, take up less space and be more elegant in appearance. This makes them suitable for use as decorative art displays and for advertising purposes.


Fluorescent tube damage is a major hazard to human health and also contains mercury in other heavy metals. They also have problems with safe disposal without polluting the environment. Although the light box is not easily broken compared to the home fluorescent tube and CFL, since there is a strong outer casing around the light box, if considering safety or environmental pollution, please select the LED. Not only do they last longer, they reduce the burden of waste disposal, but they are also solid-state lighting accessories, so they are tougher and less prone to cracking than glass-encased bulbs or tubes.

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