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Bedding Guide: How to Choose the Right Fabric For Your Bed Sheet

Your room is the window to your soul.  The difference between a room with beige bed sheets and a room with multi-colored printed bed sheets is probably the personality of the owner of those rooms. The seasonal winter blues are  blowing in. Do you want to wake up to a splash of color, or want to retreat back into those drab, grey covers as the world seizes the day? It is time for you to literally make your own bed!


Thinking of a bedroom makeover yet? A cotton double bed sheet could make or break the look of your room. The material of your bed sheet sets the mood of your room. A King size bed sheet in a muted color with a multitude of printed cushions is a statement look. You could choose a simple, light-toned, cotton double bed sheet  and pair it with colorful vases to make another statement look. Keep in mind the following before you choose a bedsheet. Always measure your bed before you choose a bed sheet. Spoiler alert! The King and Queen bed sheets are of different sizes.


Look at the Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads used to weave your bed sheet. The higher your GSM (thread count), the better your bed sheet in terms of softness and comfort. A coarse sheet could be best for a sofa, while you would obviously choose the softest for your bedroom.

Remember your priorities

If you have a child at home, choose an organic cotton double bed sheet that is natural and hypoallergenic. If you want glamor, choose a satin one. If you want muted decor, choose a bold shade of bed sheet while keeping the rest of your room neutral. There are different types of cotton available in the market. You could choose hydro cotton, or an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, suited to the look of your room.


Look at the Weave

The weave of your bed sheet decides the softness of your bed sheet. Flannel weave creates a fuzzy finish on one side, and a soft finish on the other. Sateen weave has a sheen, while the Jacquard weave has a raised feel. Microfiber is a man-made weave. It is hypoallergenic and especially good for babies and for those with skin allergies.  If you are buying from a store, make sure that you feel the fabric and choose one according to your needs.


The Material Decides the Look

Have you entered a room filled with satin bed linens, or a dark burgundy King size bed sheet and felt bamboozled? Not only rich and bold shades, but the material of your bedsheet also decides the vibes of your room. A  cotton double bed sheet  is breathable and comforting. However, satin and silk bed sheets ooze a different glamor. Flannel is also a type of mixed cotton that is used these days.


Keep in Mind the Wash Care Instructions

Stating the obvious, but taking care of a cotton double bed sheet  is easier than a satin one, that strictly calls for light washing, or dry cleaning. Some colors may have different instructions for washing them. Take a look at the label before you throw them into the washer. If you buy bed sheets online check the requirements in the About section.


Signing Off

The world is finally turning up and about. Now, Friday night sleepovers, Saturday hangover tea parties, and Sunday late-night parties will be a thing again. It is the perfect time to give your messy quarantine room a new look. Amouve’s collection of cotton bed sheets ought to be a staple product in glamorizing your room. You could buy bed sheets online from a variety of brands these days. Throw in blocks and prints and mix them up with a dash of your favorites to make up your room.

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