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Become a Certified Pet Groomer From the Comfort of Your Home

Want a rewarding career that you can enjoy? Become a pet groomer. You could be your own boss if you choose to be a mobile pet groomer or a grooming salon.. The other opportunities that are available to you as a pet groomer are a salon or pet shop. Did you know that the pet industry is a thirty four billion dollar per year opportunity? The industry is in the BILLIONS, wouldn’t you want to have opportunity to be part of that. Then let us help you to be part of that BILLION DOLLAR industry today. A certified pet groomer’s salary has earning potential. Here are a couple of examples. If you went to work for Petco or Petsmart you have the earning potential of 30 to 40K per year and possibly even more. In the Mobile grooming industry, you have the potential to earn as much as $60K per year. Mobile pet groomers can earn beyond the 60K.

Take a free test drive of out pet grooming school today on the web at before you enroll and spend a penny, It's FREE! If you like what you read & see then we would welcome you as a new student. Once you register to take your free test drive you’ll need to log in. Once logged in you’ll be able to watch samples of our twenty produced dog grooming school and videos.

grooming school

The sample videos include some of the following; grooming the Airedale, grooming the Bedlington Terrier, grooming the Bichon, grooming the cat, grooming the Cairn Terrier, grooming the Cocker Spaniel, grooming the Chow Chow, grooming the Maltese, grooming the poodle, grooming the Pomeranian, grooming the Scottish Terrier, grooming the Shih Tzu, Grooming the West Highland Terrier, Grooming the Wire Fox Terrier, grooming the Yorkie, and, three videos on tools of the trade, pet hygiene, flea dips, and more.

Attend our grooming school today. You’ll be glad you did. Upon completion, you’ll receive two certificates:

The first certificate you’ll receive is a “Certified Pet Groomer” the second pet grooming certificate is a “Certified Pet Hygienist. Don’t wait any further and visit our grooming school today on the web, to learn all about it.


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