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Bath Towels - Soft Organic Cotton Towels in India

How do you differentiate between  good bath towels and mediocre towels?


Here's what you should look for before purchasing your bath towel.

  1. Depending on your usage, opt for a bath towel made of cotton, cotton blends, linen, or organic cotton. A standard size is usually 30"×60" or similar.
  2. Opt for a higher GSM for a luxury bathing experience.

All towels have a fabric weight as well as GSM. Towels with lower GSM are lighter and thinner, while towels with higher GSM are heavier and thicker. A good towel is described as heavy, but this does not mean quality. A heavier dense towel also needs to be accompanied by the right fabric.  Compared to heavier towels made of cheap cotton, lighter towels made of luxurious fabrics will feel good. Although most of them are made of cotton, the look and feel of the towel depends on the type of cotton used. Organic cotton is considered the best. Amouve’s Bath Towels are made from double ply organic cotton. These are large sized towels for men and women. You can also opt for a towel set of hand towels, face towels and bath towels.


White bath towels give a classic look. When the bathroom is full of fluffy white towels, they will make the bathroom look completely luxurious. These Luxury towels are never out of date and can be bleached. It is always best to wash white towels separately to prevent them from losing color, texture and maintaining softness. It is always best to use a new towel. This will increase the absorbent quality of the towel. Organic and very absorbent. They do not require chemical ingredients, toxic bleach or formaldehyde can be processed and refined. These towels will not irritate the skin and are comfortable and soft.


There are different forms of Bath Towels. These small squares are called face towels. Used for foaming and gentle scrubbing in the shower. Bath mats are usually used to absorb excess water after bathing. These towels are usually thicker than standard sizes. Then, we have standard size bath towels for daily use. The next size towel is called bath towel. These dimensions are over 6 feet and sometimes even larger. These are usually used in hotels or guest rooms.


A good white bath towel should be soft and strong, depending on how it is made. Amouve has also recently introduced lightweight towels in twill weave. These absorb water quickly and also dry quickly.


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