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Avery Pulls Ahead of Richardson

Arkansas GOP Challenger Max Avery is showing promising gains in Arkansas State House District 49. Avery also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Arkansas District Export Council and Vice-Chair of the River Valley Young Republicans, a regional member organization of the Arkansas Young Republicans.


“We have had a Republican majority in Little Rock for some time now, but it is time to ensure that our elected officials are following the Republican Party Platform and making responsible decisions for the future of our state.” said Avery “There are, without a doubt, members of our governing body that are fine citizens, but support poor policy.”


The district lines mirror that of the previous House District 78 after State Redistricting efforts came under scrutiny from the ACLU citing that the initially the proposed map would “disenfranchise Hispanic voters.”  


Avery, an Arkansas Native of Puerto Rican heritage commented briefly on this matter stating that “It is concerning to think that the ACLU would consider Hispanic voters disenfranchised by shifting district lines to best align with 2020 Census data. Our majority of Republican elected officials have done a fantastic job working with all members of our community, regardless of their race. These types of unfounded arguments are based in a position of desperation in an attempt to retain Democrat seats at any cost.”


Independent polling is ongoing, but feedback is showing Avery trending ahead of incumbent Democrat Jay Richardson, a two-term legislator. Maximus Tyrannus Avery could very well be North Fort Smith’s State Representative come November, meaning the River Valley would have a strong pro-America, pro-business legislator to advocate for important issues such as lower taxes crime prevention, mental health support and education reform.


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