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Avaya IP PBX System for Offices and Small Businesses in Dubai, UAE - Pixcom

It is widely believed that offices and small businesses are the real way to create jobs and future industrial growth. Because communication facilities are critical to the growth and development of any business, small businesses need advanced telephone systems just like advanced or large businesses. Traditionally, the high costs of mature Avaya IP office in UAE use PBX systems have made them unaffordable for offices and small businesses.

After recognizing the need for this feeling, many Avaya IP PBX system IN UAE suppliers have surfaced, and they provide affordable all-in-one PBX phone systems for offices and businesses. As a result, the myth that PBX is a complex phone system that only large companies can afford has exploded. Startups, small growth companies and even home businesses can now use the features and facilities of PBX.

If you run a business with 25 to 40 employees, you may need the latest types of communications equipment and services. Your office phone system will need to connect to all departments in your organization, but instead of calling directly, it is better to route directly through a centralized operator who can simplify calls or call routing. This is the role of the PBX.

Generally, a small business may have no more than one or two PSTN lines. Therefore, the PBX will provide extensions to different locations by using one or two PSTN lines to connect different departments or employees of the organization.

avaya ip pbx system in uae

Avaya PBX system in UAE is an abbreviation for Telephone Company and stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a term used to describe an automated system for handling multiple telephone lines. Call forwarding, call hold, voicemail, automatic duty, and three-way conference are some of the key functions of a small office / enterprise PBX. If you prefer, you can choose Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

IP-based enterprise PBX-IP PBX can do all the things that a traditional small business PBX can do, and it can do more. It performs voice over IP and landline telephone exchanges and connections. Conventional PBXs require two networks-one for data and the other for voice, and IP PBX systems run on IP data networks, which can save costs and minimize network management.

There are hosted PBX service providers for small and medium businesses, with affordable monthly prices, and you can use many of the complex features of high-end PBX systems. You don't need to buy and install any hardware on your premises. You don't need to hire people to operate the system. All you need to do is sign an agreement with a reliable service provider who will take full responsibility.

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