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Artem Shestakov Redefines Landscape Photography In the Age of Social Media

As an artist, a photographer goes behind the lens in the pursuit of capturing scenes that elicit true to life emotions. What unifies great photographers is that regardless of their choice of subject, they always capture within a frame something that draws out genuine reactions from the audience. In the current landscape and travel photography scene, 27-year-old Ukrainian photographer Artem Shestakov is definitely achieving these results. Artem Shestakov is an award-winning photographer from Ukraine, best known worldwide for his nature and landscape photography.Artem is an acclaimed landscape photographer named as one of the most influential photographers in 2020 .  His works have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and ABC, among other publications.


His photographs include some of the world’s most beautiful and off-limits locations. Because artists endeavor to portray the different facets of life, a person who personally leads an exciting and meaningful life produces works that are especially powerful. This is one of the factors that contribute to the impact of Shestakov’s photos. His world travels have developed within him a deep understanding of and passion for landscapes and the wilderness. By utilizing this, he is able to capture the majesty of his favorite subjects: mountains, desserts, and scenes of pure, natural beauty. He also masterfully preserves the awe that these subjects inspire.


Today, Shestakov is one of the most influential photographers on the internet. He has an online international following of more than a million people. He has also helped create and continues to run social media marketing campaigns with world-renowned companies and travel destinations. Shestakov participated in the Coral Gable Art Festival where he won the award for Second Best Photography. The art fair provided him with a platform to showcase photography from some of the world’s most exotic destinations that are surely off the beaten path. As an illustration of the dedication that Shestakov puts into the art scene, he drove for more than 10,000 kilometers in one month in Mongolia. All that hard work to find and capture the perfect locations and scenery.


The event is an incredibly popular and fast-growing weekend exhibition in Miami, Florida. These types of festivals host some of the world’s most diverse upcoming artists. The “Artist Village,” for example, enjoys 150,000 visitors every year who look forward to everything from travel photography to live music from more than 350 exhibitors. Years of photographic work and hardship culminate in these art fairs. According to Shestakov, it has taken years of demonstration and emotion to make the audience feel connected to travel and art.


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