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Andrew Ha of HB Entertainment

Andrew Ha is a Creative entrepreneur, philanthropist, and real estate investor.

Andrew Ha is the founder of HB Entertainment. HB Entertainment has hosted over 120+ events throughout California & Texas. HB Entertainment is dedicated to serving student communities & non-profit organizations and has fundraised over 6 figures while curating the most unique shows & unforgettable experiences!


Andrew and his brothers have always been natural performers and would perform as “Ha Brothers”’ as breakdancers to their local community festivals, dance competitions, and help fundraise for nonprofits when they were in high school.


Their journey as Ha Brothers and personal values translates into all of their work and personality, which is why they have dedicated themselves to empowering the communities they surround themselves with.

Andrew Ha’s platform that he has created with HB Entertainment believes everything he has experienced in his entire life has led him up to this point to serve his higher purpose and will continue to foster love & positivity to his community and empower as many people as he can through HB Entertainment & TEAMHB.


What sets him apart is that he is first generation Asian American and wants to break the current stigma of Asians in the entertainment industry and have more representation for their minority group. Which is why he dedicates every single day to becoming the best version of himself in every possible way. Physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually.


His hobbies and talents that are unique include:


Breakdancing, High Energy DJ performances, Calisthenics Workouts, and Empowering others.


HB Entertainment is dedicated to empowering student communities and aspiring creatives; TEAMHB has provided a platform of experience and opportunities by coordinating music festivals, nightclub events, and custom fundraisers for millennials and gen z students since 2017.


The HB Entertainment community has fundraised over $150,000 to non-profit communities collaborating with over 120+ student organizations ranging from cultural orgs, dance teams, fraternities, sororities, and other entities from 25+ college universities across California and Texas.


HB Entertainments’ simple philosophy was founded on the basic principle of empowering students to serve students.


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