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Analyst predicts this CBD penny stock for +4639.633% growth in 2020


The CBD landscape has been unpredictable for investors and regulators due to its massive growth, potential yet unproven health benefits, and the numerous industrial uses for Hemp. While many companies have entered the space, few have made it past the next wave of wall street and private equity investors who have been quietly beginning to make their plays. According to recent announcements and a forecast by Market Watch, Grand Capital Ventures, Inc.’s (OTC: GRCV) (“the Company”) wholly-owned subsidiary Yuka E-Commerce (“YUKA”) has some analysts forecasting a 4,000%+ return this coming year.

While many CBD may be a new global trend heading to the north of 20 Billion in the next five years, GCV has not only been preparing, but they've been selling. A lot. The Company has shown proven success in the CBD category, wherein just the last month it sold an impressive $100,000-plus worth of CBD gummies online in a matter of days. Overall, year-to-date, GRCV, through YUKA, now has sold over $850,000 worth of quality CBD-infused goods.


“We’ve shown major growth over the past few months, both in the e-commerce sector and in our ability to take advantage of the growing CBD trend,” said CEO Meir ‘Miko’ Avitan. “Moreover, we’ve done so with a solid strategy, one that proves to shareholders we can present a plan and execute on it, to the benefit of everyone involved.”

In addition to a healthy sales partnership with one of the industry's largest distributors, Diamond CBD, Inc a subsidiary of the publicly-graded PotNetwork Holdings, Inc (OTC Pink: POTN), there are four brand new products on the way. The lines are leading their new eCommerce strategy, providing a larger reach of customers across the digital eCommerce network.

According to Wallet Investors live forecast system which updates predictions every five minutes has GRCV as an AWESOME long term (1-year) investment.

What is the Grand Capital Ventures stock price/share price today?

The Grand Capital Ventures stock price is 0.000400 USD today.

Will Grand Capital Ventures stock price grow /rise/go up?

Yes. The GRCV stock price can go up from 0.000300 USD to 0.0142 USD in one year.

Is it profitable to invest in Grand Capital Ventures stock?

Yes. The long-term earning potential is +4639.633% in one year.

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