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A Short Biography Of Fashion Designer And Businesswoman La’Shae Quanticè Washington

LaShae Quantice Washington born January 1st,1986,inLandover, Maryland, to Katrina Morris and Pierre Washington, LaShae Washington was named one of the top 10 New Year's Babies in Prince George's County by an article in the Prince George's County Herald. Her mother Katrina Morris was born in Washington, DC andFather Pierre Washington was born in Queens, NY., she’s the oldest of four children.


Washington has a background in art before she studied fashion and embarked on a career as a designer at the age of 17. She founded her own fashion label Vermelēon in 2011 naming the brand after her late grandmother Regena Vermel Pearson who was a local seamstress. On the first day of her senior year at DuVal High School, LaShae Washington decided she wanted to pursue a profession in fashion after taking a fashion class where she learned how to make personalised denim jackets and pants for her fellow classmates. While working with Lil Fizz from B2K, she organised a Vermelēon All Black Attire Fashion Showcase Nov 4, 2017.


In addition, December 28, 2017, Washington was the costume designer for an indie film located in New York and Memphis, Out Of Bounds. She also founded L.W Children Foundation, which she established in 2018,Washington most resent investments that she established October 2021 is a Celebrity Hair Salon and a Recording Studio in Washington, DC. With these aims in mind, LaShae Washington’s goals is to develop a perfect financial plan, conquer obstacles, earn a lot of money, save money from earning, overcome excuses and invest the money wisely and to help others do the same. To keep herself motivated, she uses scriptures, inspirational quotations, and photos from throughout the web. LaShae Quantice Washington is a natural born businesswoman who puts her various skills to good use in the service of others around her.


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