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6 Brand New Flavours Launching Soon!

Since launching earlier this year, MYTTHS LITE Bars are the new way to vape and they have been making waves in the vaping industry. We have been releasing new flavors every month and they are not slowing down anytime soon.


The latest LITE Bar flavor out of the 6 being released is called "Milk Tea" and it is a twist on the ever-growing popular beverage, Bubble Tea, which has taken the UK by storm in recent months, this vape juice is an East Asian classic milk tea with a hint of vanilla and chocolate.


This is a first for a disposable vape company so be sure to keep an eye out for it very soon!


There will be 5 other incredible, mouth-watering flavors being announced very soon so keep your eyes peeled to the MYTTHS Community Forum, where we will be announcing the flavors each week with hints for the next one being posted on social media each week too!


Milk Tea along with 5 other flavors will be available for pre-orders on the MYTTHS Website starting soon when all 6 are revealed so make sure to follow us for more information






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