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Visual meetings are accepted worldwide today with the help of telecommunication and networking technologies. Virtual conferencing has become a real-time and formal way of two-way transmission of audio and video content. In the past 1-month Video conferencing has become a great demand due to COVID-19 and the option to work from home. This communication method has not only helped organizations in making a clear decision but at the same time eliminated business travel time and allied costs. Productivity has also consequently increased with a decrease in managing operational costs


Quarantines, cancellations and work-from-home policies have increased the demand for Video Conferencing, Smart Solution and Digital Platform’s that enables people to keep their business moving and balanced. Virtual displays are used at a large extent for Video Conferencing across several applications including digital classroom, automated talent acquisition, smart factories, e-healthcare, video-driven customer engagement among others.


Pixcom being an Avaya- Diamond Partner in UAE is rapidly evolving business dynamics by implementing Avaya IX Workspace in UAE for video conferencing in various sectors including government, education, research, entertainment, and others.

Avaya Diamond Partner in UAE

Most of the government sectors and education institutes are making use of Virtual meetings through Smart Display Solution to keep their business stable and running during crisis. The video conferencing systems in UAE is designed in a flexible way to allow a maximum number of users to come under one platform and have a smooth conference within a period. This system is not only saving time but at the same time helps the management to save a lot of extra costs. Large group meetings and conferences will still use traditional set-ups and venues in the future. The Digital technology is less expensive and more flexible furnishings improve the pressure on meeting planners to educate their customers that the budget needs to adapt as well to the new meeting facility reality.


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