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Yard Spray Services For Fleas and Ticks - MosquitoBrothers

A person can check their pets at home to determine if they need flea and tick protection. However, it's important to follow the product's directions closely to avoid accidental poisoning of your pet. Yard and home treatments may also be required if pets spend most of their time outdoors. Here are some guidelines to help any pet owner with this common problem.


Yard spray for fleas and ticks

Use bath time to look for ticks. The water on their coats makes it difficult for ticks to hide. Another way to find pests is to examine their entire body by hand. This can be done while petting them. However, be sure to examine the entire body including their ears. You may also have to part their fur to find any ticks that dig deeper.


Fleas are easy to find. Just use a flea comb on their coat and double check. Even if you don't find any fleas and think there might be a problem, you can still treat them. However, if they continue to scratch, lose hair, or have crusted skin, have your veterinarian test them for mite or bacterial disease.


Most preventive measures need to be repeated for continued control. Topical treatments are most often applied to the back of the neck to prevent a dog or cat from licking it off. Shampoo is best used when young animals are severely infected. There are also some oral products that work well.


Exercise caution when using one of these flea and tick prevention products. Pets sometimes react to the toxins used, or sometimes they are accidentally poisoned. Contact your veterinarian immediately if they develop ear twitching, mild depression, diarrhea, vomiting, or excessive salivation.


To prevent accidental poisoning, be sure to strictly follow product instructions. If using a spray, first apply to the grooming brush, then brush evenly across the animal's fur. Be careful not to accidentally spray any product into the animal's mouth. If the product is in liquid form, do not immerse the animal in the liquid. Instead, pour it over their body and cover all areas with a sponge.


If your pet spends most of the time outdoors, you may also have to treat the entire yard. It is important to use products regularly to prevent fleas and ticks. It kills the larvae and eggs of the pests and hinders their return.


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