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WPC Decking, Wall Panel and Wall Cladding - Changhong WPC

Today, WPC decking is becoming a popular choice for most families. Although it may cost more, it is still a better choice for many reasons.


Need low maintenance

WPC decking requires little or no maintenance because it can withstand the effects of harsh natural elements. Therefore, it can keep its beauty for many years. The case is different from the traditional wooden deck. The wood-plastic composite deck does not rot, deform, discolor, twist, fade or attract insects. Natural wood requires regular refueling and dyeing, which can be expensive. Composite trim panels do not need to be painted, dyed or sealed on a regular basis and are resistant to UV weathering, war page and damage.


Provide more security

Unlike other wood trim materials, WPC trim panels are non-fragmented and non-slip. These qualities make children and pets safe for families because walking barefoot is safer.



Of course, traditional wooden decorations may look good, but the truth is that it won't last long. In summer, the harsh weather conditions in spring and winter can cause great damage, causing them to fade, rot, split and warp. Wood-plastic composite panels undergo a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure consistent, small maintenance and superior decorative properties.


Increase the value of the home

In addition to adding value to the homeowner's lifestyle, Wood plastic composite trim adds significantly to the value of the home. Homes featuring wood-plastic composite panels attract higher resale value.


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