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Wolf Online 2

Animal hunting game Wolf Online 2 that features wolves as main characters has been released. As the subsequent game of Wolf Online that received worldwide popularity and reached more than 10 million downloads a few years ago, Wolf Online 2 is an animal game equipped with more realistic graphics and animations, background designs, and enhanced AI.

Wolf Online 2 is a realistic game that expressed wilderness as is. Players can Animal Hunting using terrain features, compete with other wolves, and survive from the fights with stronger predators to become the most powerful, superior wolf.

Wolf Online 2

Since a player must be an animal instead of human, s/he can run, bite, attack other animals with arms and legs. The players can also bite and drag any part to dry up blood faster, hide behind rocks or bushes and make a surprise attack, and summon fellow wolves by howling to hunt preys together.

Using the customizing function, a player can create his or her own unique wolf character by changing its sex, appearance, and skin color, and experience various hunting areas such as desserts, glaciers, or grasslands that are similar to real environments to hunt animals.

Wolf Online 2 can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store and will be available on App Store soon.

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