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Why to use a Travel Agency?

Did you know that it cost you NOTHING to use a Travel Agent? Travel agents have access to some of the top suppliers with the best rates to book an amazing vacation to wherever you desire. Agents are trained on how to look for the best deals that are legit, the best places and things to do while at your destination of choice. Agents also work hard to price match and make sure you are getting the very best for your dollar.

Most people ask how the agents get paid if the trip does not cost more money and the answer is simple. Most suppliers have call centers that you call into and they are typically being paid an hourly wage whether they are booking trips or not. With Travel agents we only get paid if we book a trip and it is a small percent. Overhead with any business, including employee payouts, so they actually make out better using an agent. The pay is already built in regardless.

Using a Travel Agent you get that personal customer service as opposed to being on hold to speak with whomever answers in the call center. We take the stress of the internet searches off your hands and find you what you are looking for so you have more time for your everyday life. We understand life is busy these days and offer our services so you can keep going and not take what extra time you do have for family away.

Using a Travel Agent can ensure that you are getting the best price. Agents can monitor the specials that come out even once your trip is booked so if the price drops they can apply it and save you money up until you leave for your trip. Some agents may even offer their own special just by booking through them and that can sometimes include credits or just something special for your vacation.  Now that you have an idea of how that works and now knowing that you can have someone start you Vacation from the very start by having Discover the Magic Vacations help book and plan your next trip.

If after reading this article and feel like this is something you would like to do we are always looking to hire agents with a passion for Travel and Planning. Make sure to visit our website for details.

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