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Why Should You Choose Dedicated SMTP Server for Cold Emailing Over Popular ESPs. Does Cold Email Possible and Viable?

The answer is cold email is quite possible and very economical. Let’s see how.

If you are running cold email campaigns, you must have gone through the following scenarios.


1. Campaign got blocked no reason was given -

2. Suddenly account got blocked no reason was given -

3. Emails delivering too slow -

4. Emails delivered but zero open rate -


We as For the last two years, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses in cold emailing from which we have gained considerable experience in bulk emailing, especially how cold emailing works.


Before we talk about the title justification of this article, let’s get to know a little about why many Email Service Providers (ESP) never support cold email marketing fearing the following factors.


Email list collected for cold email campaigns mostly either purchased from third parties or scraped from forums or open web pages that have a high probability of spam trap/honeypot emails and invalid emails. Emails that are not verified and scraped will damage the reputation of IPs and domains of ESPs.


Massive maintenance work for changing IPs, delisting, infrastructure, etc.


Sender anonymity - Cold emailing has a high probability of being spam and scam campaigns that will damage the reputation of ESPs.


Hence most of ESPs support opt-in emails that have less probability of being spam and scam campaigns that will make ESPs run their business smoothly without much expenditure.


“The amount of human efforts and infrastructure involved in cold emailing is 5 times more than the opt-in email campaigns


But most of the ESP are charging high prices from their customers equivalent to cold email campaigns”


How can we make sending cold emails possible


We have two ways

1. Choose an ESP who supports cold emailing -

2. Build your dedicated SMTP server with no boundaries -

Choose an ESP who supports cold emailing


Few say that they support cold emailing but conditions apply such as limited bounce rate (that is good actually), lack of support, sharing knowledge, and lack of SMTP maintenance to which most of your emails will land in spam and the open rate is going to be too low.


Negative : You will be controlled by ESP, with no transparency on the SMTP server. Most of the ESP has a lack of sending emails like human activity.


Adcrux supports cold emailing, we have a dedicated team to change SMTP servers when their IPs or sending domains get blacklisted. We constantly check the IPs and domains status to make sure you get quality SMTP servers. And all our servers are prewarmed up servers.


Adcrux sends emails like human activity, It is very dynamic and easy to change the numbers at any given time.


Check the adcrux pricing for cold emailing by clicking here….


Build your dedicated SMTP server

Having a dedicated SMTP server will give you complete control over your campaigns. But you need a team to maintain an SMTP server.


Major maintenance tasks

  • 1. SMTP deployment - You need to choose the best SMTP server
  • 2. Build SMTP with multiple IP addresses
  • 3. Warmup IPs and domain like human activity
  • 4. Keep checking IPs and Domain status of being blacklisted
  • 5. Change or disable IP if IP gets blacklisted, submit a request for delisting the IP


What if this whole system and service are available at $150 / month wherein you get 3 dedicated IPs.


Adcrux has around 300+ dedicated SMTP clients and they are smoothly running their cold email campaigns without a single blocker. No one blocks their campaigns.


To conclude, cold email campaigns are quite possible and very economical compared with the prices that charge for opt-in emails. Each cold mail costs you 0.00025$.


We will share case studies of a few clients who are using adcrux for cold email campaigns in subsequent articles.


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