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Wholesale Professional Gama IQ Hair Dryer in Canada - KingdomBeauty

The healthiest way to dry your hair is to air dry, but since most of us don't have time to do this, we use one of the fastest and easiest methods available today. Hair dryer, of course! Although there are two types of hair dryers on the market today-hat hair dryers and hand-held hair dryers-I think you would agree that most people use the latter at home. The hair dryer basically uses a motor to blow hot air to dry the hair quickly.


Today, this basic hair care tool has more options than ever before. Not only can you get many different accessories, you can also choose this technology to get the results you want. The dryer is equipped with straightening attachments, curling attachments, diffusers, etc. The diffuser is an excellent accessory for creating volume and body. It is an ideal choice for curly hair because it can make the curls softer and spread, thereby making the curls smoother, so you won't form curly hair.


The Gama Professional Wholesale hair dryer blows the charged ions onto the hair with warm air, so that the water molecules are broken down into smaller sizes, making it easier for the hair to absorb. Ions surround the hair shaft to prevent the loss of natural oils and retain moisture. They can also close the stratum corneum, making the skin look smoother and brighter. You will also notice that this type of dryer reduces drying time, reduces curling and static electricity. Tourmaline is one of the latest technologies used in hair dryers. Tourmaline is a gem and a natural source of negative ions.


The ceramic hair dryer is equipped with ceramic coils to maintain a uniform temperature and consistent heat dissipation, so it will not damage the hair. As we all know, ceramic technology can help hair retain its natural moisture and oil, and help break down bacterial accumulation.

If you have been buying a new hair dryer lately, there is no doubt that you will be faced with a variety of choices. From cheap traditional hair dryers to professional Gama IQ Hair Dryer, there are indeed many confusing choices.


So, how can you choose the ideal hair dryer that meets your specific needs and hair type? The answer lies in being familiar with different types of hair dryers so that you can buy the hair dryers you really need instead of buying unnecessary ones.


As mentioned earlier, buying a new dryer can be very cheap or very expensive, depending on which one you choose. Although choosing a hair dryer due to its low price is never a good choice, you can cut costs by choosing a hair dryer that only has options for real use. To help you complete the task, I have separated the different types of clothes dryers you might see next time you shop based on cost.


Like all heat setting tools, hair dryers can damage the hair shaft. Incorrect or repeated use of a high-temperature blower can make your hair appear dull and frizzy. To ensure that this does not happen, always place the hair dryer 10 inches away from your hair and direct the airflow towards the hair shaft. Otherwise it will cause bubbles to form on the hair shaft or blow out the cuticle, causing dullness and frizz.


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