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What The Elephant Sanctuary is doing right now to save Elephants

The African bush elephant is the largest land animal on earth. One would think that such a gigantic animal is dangerous but elephants are ironically the most social, lovable, but conscious creatures you can find. At the beginning of the 20th century, a couple million elephants lived peacefully in different parts of the world. Now, however, reports show that there are only about 700,000 African elephants and 40,000 Asian elephants left. These worrying numbers are as a result of rampant poaching which is illegal but continues to pose continuous danger to this one of a kind animal.

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For 23 years, The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald Tennessee has provided a safe haven for both Asian and African elephants. Here the elephants receive individualized veterinary, husbandry care, protection from dangers prevalent in the wild and get to enjoy the company of other elephants throughout their lives.

Tennessee makes for a perfect home for the elephants as the climate here is friendly for most months of the year. During harsh weather conditions, elephants can hide away in their heated barns at least until the weather gets back to normal. Tennessee is also known to have a wide range of vegetation that elephants love to indulge.

The Elephant Sanctuary looks to promote the well-being of elephants while simultaneously informing the public about the challenges elephants face when held in captivity. In a bid to make their own contribution to save the elephant and protect the animal from extinction, The Elephant Sanctuary has taken in elephants that were used for entertainment purposes in circuses or exhibited in zoos.

The safe haven started with only 110 acres but has over the years grown in leaps and bounds to occupy 2,700 acres of land. This land has been divided into three sections, of natural habitat where elephants can roam about and enjoy protection from poachers.

Elephants that were held captive are rescued and brought to The Elephant Sanctuary where land is vast and the food is plenty. Here the animals can revert to their natural habits and behaviors. Most of these elephants suffer from diseases like osteomyelitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, and conditions such as aggression and obesity. The main facilities in the sanctuary include

. Heated barns

. Natural lakes

. Four security houses

. Hay storage buildings

. Solar water pumps

. Secure fencing

. Woodlands and pasture among many others

The Elephant Sanctuary is not open to the public but one can still see the animals through live stream. The sanctuary is currently home to 11 elephants 7 of whom are Asian elephants and 4 African elephants. Thousands of students have gained a wealth of information from the sanctuary through distance learning. These students learn about the challenges elephants face both in the wild and during captivity. The Sanctuary is licensed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is an extremely needed place for elephants in this time of age.

Overlooking the facility is an able team headed by the Director of facilities, a supervisor, safety coordinator, and eight additional maintenance staff who are present 24 hours a day. There’s also a commissary manager whose work is to reinforce safety as well as reduce costs through the usage of energy-saving machines and materials aimed at reducing costs.

Well-wishers are allowed to donate money to The Elephant Sanctuary Charity which goes to ensure the care and upkeep of these elephants.

Every purchase from The Elegant Ellie supports The Elephant Sanctuary. We think their charity does amazing things to save elephants and continue to nurture them. That is why The Elegant Ellie donates 15% of your purchase to them to save elephants. Not only will you look great in The Elegant Ellie apparel, you will be saving elephants.

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