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What is the best way to monetize your game

Lots of game developers choose to monetize their games through a single transaction in a retail store when gamers and players buy their full product. However, due to the increasing number of platforms that games are being made available on, developers are being forced to rethink their video game monetization strategies and get creative on when and where to monetize their games. So, what is the best way to monetize your game?


To keep a game alive, a developer has to know how to balance acquisition, engagement/retention and monetization. Most free to play games opt to use an in-app purchase system, advertising, freemium products, affiliate marketing and/or restricted access to generate revenue. When combined, all of these methods of monetization help to offer reward-based choices without affecting the enjoyment of a game.


In addition, in-game currency such as coins and diamonds or real currency can be use to purchase items a player needs in a game. With all of these choices, developers have to decide which monetization method(s) would work best for their game.


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