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What is The Best Dating Site for Bisexual Couples?



The most famous, professional best and largest dating site for bisexual in the world is the It is a free registration dating site for both the bisexual and the bi-curious. It includes the bi singles and bi couple/couples, It’s aim is to provide you with a platform where you can look for a soul mate and a romantic relationship. There are many people who have met their soul mates through this platform. The site supports bisexual couples and they offer various advise and information to their members. Their goal is to change the misconceptions of the people on bisexual dating.


Bi enjoy which is the dating site for bisexual is growing very fast. The site is ranked the second best because it has been widely welcomed by most of the bisexual and bi curious. It has simple web-pages that attracts a lot of bisexual, this has made the number of its members to increase significantly. furthermore, the site does not only accept bisexuals, but also bi curious and bisexual couples.

One of its key advantage is its ability to be joined free of charge. This makes it easy for bisexual singles to meet with bi couples and singles, the bi couples are also free to meet with bi singles and bi curious.


  1. Guest membership: this kind of membership, allows free creation of the profile which includes photo uploading, ones ability to answer both incoming messages and emails, the usage of search engines features such as gender, range and age of a likely date within a short distance.
  1. Gold: This type includes all the features outlined in the Guest-membership with the following additions: ability to start communication such as in the emails and chats, has current search options, free listing of the search results, ability to hide the fact that you previously visited another person`s profile, able to see those who visited your profile and those interested in you, able to see the members who logged into the system last and ability to access dating advise tips .


The cost for the gold membership is relatively affordable and it is charged in terms of months, for instance one month membership goes at $ 29.95, three months is charged $59.95 and six months gold membership is $ 95.95.

For standard members the sign up is free, thus anyone can be able to join.


This is the fast-growing dating site for bisexual and it is popular to all the people. The site provides the members with the best and quality services. They offer free registration to all the members who are interested in bisexuals and bi curious. Due to its large number of members, a lot of people are able to meet with their preferred soul mates. They support bisexuals at all costs and offer them with advises and information that will enabled them to make informed decisions. The different types of membership also ensures that no one is left out, as bisexual will be able to choose one that best suits them in terms of affordability.


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