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What is jubilee ace


Jubilee Ace is an arbitraging platform where your crypto trading and several other options are traded and profits are made for you instantly. Jubilee Ace makes use of signals and data analysis from a wide range of markets including the crypto markets, Forex, Commodities, E-sports, etc.

The company is focused on helping her customers make a profit while minimizing risk as much as possible. It was founded in 2018, on the British Virgin Island and has a paid-up capital of more than US $50M. the company specializes in a wide range of arbitraging in a host of sectors.

Jubilee Ace began operation with traditional commodities and have only recently moved into cryptocurrencies. The company is passionate about the use of data to drive profit, so it collects lots of data, refines them and finds ways to use the information to make a serious profit. This they do by investing in lucrative markets, but not just that, they do also ensure there are only minimal risks involved, which guarantees the return of investors.


What is Arbitraging

Jubilee Ace makes use of the arbitraging model. This is a very simple yet effective business and trading model. But Jubilee Ace limited has not relied on the simplicity of arbitraging, they have developed a system that will ensure a lot of markets is being monitored at the same time, which guarantees a profit because there is a wide range of the potential market to trade-in.

Arbitraging involves the trading in options, buying commodities when the prices are low, and selling them off when the prices are high or in another market entirely.

For instance, Jubilee Ace may purchase bitcoin at $1, and quickly sell it off at $1.2 in the Litecoin market, through Ethereum coin, if the price of Ethereum experiences a spike, and the price of Litecoin experiences a dip. This is done in real-time so maximum profit is generated. This is called the triangular Arbitrage.


How is Jubilee Ace so sure to make a profit?

It is difficult for any individual to monitor the amount of data Jubilee Ace monitors and not get overwhelmed. But Jubilee Ace doesn’t rely on manual means to start trades or make a profit. The company understands the rudiment of the market. That has made the company develop a BOT (known as AQUA) to handle the monitoring and placing of trades.


What is AQUA

AQUA is an abbreviation which means Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage. It is a custom BOT built on the Python platform with AI principle, so it uses machine learning to achieve its purpose and does it so well.

The BOT is constantly on the lookout for signals, analyzing markets and trends and collecting data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information obtained is used to assign a risk arbitrage score. The scores are used to know which market has the potential for profit or otherwise, and when there is the possibility of profit (known as a positive factor), the BOT places a trade immediately. This process doesn’t stop, so there is no shortage of profit.

Jubilee Ace edges over competitors because the exchange is done within split seconds, failure of arbitrage is limited to less than 1% with the in-house algorithm upon which the AI is built.


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