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What Do I Need to Know before I Buy a Softail Ebike?

Electric bikes are closely related to our daily life, such as commuting, sports, and recreational activities. With the popularity of electric bikes, there are various types of ebikes on the market. Softail ebike is one of them.

With front and rear suspension, this ebike for sale offers a very comfortable and safe ride on any terrain. You can enjoy not only plenty of power but also a smooth ride and perfect handling. If you love to ride on rough terrain, it will be a perfect choice for you.


Are you planning to buy a softail ebike for yourself? So what do we need to know before we buy? Let's read on.




What is a softail ebike

Softail ebike has a suspension system on both front and rear wheels. It has an additional rear suspension than the hardtail ebike. The added rear suspension makes these ebikes more comfortable and stable to ride over off-road terrain. It also improves the traction and control of the ebike, thus increasing the comfort of the rider.


For riders, a softail ebike can enhance their riding experience. The suspension system ensures that the tires remain in contact with the ground at all times, providing the rider with better traction and handling control. It also absorbs bumps and vibrations caused by uneven terrain, resulting in a smoother ride.


Thanks to additional traction and shock absorption, the softail ebike allows the rider to reach and maintain higher speeds even on steep hills. Combined with the ability to reach higher speeds is the ability of the softail ebike to go downhill, as the suspension system absorbs much of the impact when the bike makes contact with the ground. These advantages make softail ebikes a better choice for conquering all rough terrain.


Why you need a softail ebike

Electric mountain bikes can help you traverse many different terrains, but experienced riders will tell you that not all terrain is the same riding experience. Flat roads may provide a smooth riding experience, but gravel, hills, and other rough terrains can cause vibration and shock to your ebike.


The occasional ride over rough terrain is tolerable for a standard ebike. However, riding over rough terrain for long periods of time can not only fatigue the rider but can also lead to body aches and other injuries due to the large number of bumps and impacts associated with riding an ebike.


Riding a softail ebike on uneven terrain is both safe and comfortable because it provides you with upgraded traction. Since its front and rear wheel suspension system helps absorb the bumps of rough terrain, your body doesn't need to take the strain of those bumps. Therefore, you will feel relaxed and free from any physical fatigue during long rides. That's why you need a softail ebike.


What to consider before buying a softail ebike

Buying a softail ebike can take up a large portion of your budget, so you need to make sure you make the right choice when buying one. When buying the right softail ebike for yourself, you need to take into account many factors, such as suspension travel, battery capacity, etc. These factors will affect your ride, so you need to consider them carefully.


Suspension travel

Suspension travel is the amount of wheel moves up and down over rough terrain. The suspension system of the softail ebike is designed to keep you comfortable while riding, especially on uneven terrain. Without a suspension system, you will experience a lot of shock and vibration, which can make your riding experience very poor. The suspension system will help you absorb the shock, not your body absorb it. The extent to which they absorb vibrations depends on your softail ebike suspension travel.


The more travel your softail ebike has, the better it will be at absorbing shock. The suspension travel of each brand of softail ebike varies. Generally speaking, softail ebikes have between 80mm and 100 mm of front wheel suspension travel and between 80mm and 120 mm of rear wheel suspension travel. If you want a more comfortable riding experience, you can choose an ebike with longer suspension travel.


Battery capacity

The softail ebike is mainly powered by the battery. The battery capacity determines its power. Power is its ability to cruise over terrain. If an ebike provides plenty of power, your ride will also become much easier, especially on long rides.


The battery capacity you choose depends on how you use your ebike. If you plan to use your softail ebike on flat terrain, there is no need to purchase a large-capacity battery. But if you plan to ride a softail ebike on rough terrain, then a large-capacity battery is more appropriate. Because you will inevitably encounter steep uphill sections. Plenty of power will make your ride easier on the uphill.


Riding experience

Riding a softail ebike requires experience. Unlike beginners, experienced riders can navigate through rough terrain with ease. These softail ebikes have a full suspension system that can greatly improve riding comfort and stability. It also provides better traction and you can enjoy a smooth ride.


In addition, if you're experienced and like the thrill of speed, softail ebikes can do it. Its full suspension system brings stability and safety, allowing you to accelerate at your own pace. It helps you absorb the bumps in the road, so you can ride faster on rough terrain, especially on downhills.


Ebike brand

Softail ebikes are available in many brands. There are differences in the quality of softail ebikes produced by each brand. This is because different manufacturers use different technologies in their production and obtain raw materials from different sources. So the brand you choose determines whether you have a quality softail ebike or not.


It is best to choose some well-known electric bike brands. A good reputation comes from good service delivery. It is also less likely to purchase a substandard ebike that cannot be used for a long period of time. If you choose Magicycle electric bike, the quality is definitely guaranteed. We will check the quality of each ebike and test-ride it before delivery. We also value transparency, and anyone can view our certification and test reports on our website.


Is it worth getting a softail ebike

The answer is yes. Softail ebikes are designed for driving on rocky, uneven, and rough roads. Compared to other electric bikes for adults, softail ebikes offer a more comfortable riding experience. With the shock absorption, you will ride more relaxed and your arms and upper body will be properly settled. Since the softail ebike has good shock absorption, this means it reduces the feeling of bumps when you ride on rough roads.


Most importantly the softail ebike provides better traction and grip, especially when going down steep hills. Its full suspension system allows you to go downhill more smoothly and easily. You will feel very safe and stable riding it. Softail ebikes are perfect for those who want a comfortable ride on both flat and rough terrain. While they also tend to be a bit more expensive than other ebikes, the extra comfort, and durability both make them one of the best e-bikes worth investing in.


Best electric bike with softail you can buy

There are many softail bikes on the market. If you have decided to buy a softail ebike for yourself, which one should you choose as your ebike? Although we can't make the decision for you, we can recommend excellent softail ebikes. If you want a high-quality softail ebike, Magicycle Deer is a good choice for you.


The ebike is equipped with a 750W motor that generates maximum power with the help of a 52V battery, so you can ride it farther. It has a very sturdy construction that will not only take you wherever you want to go but is durable. Rough terrain and steep climbs are just a fun challenge for this ebike, definitely not a stressful one. The front and rear suspension easily absorb harsh shocks and bumps, making it ideal for riding on any type of terrain while feeling comfortable and secure on the bike. Trust us, you will absolutely love this electric bike after you own it.


In the end

If you want to ride in comfort, enhance your fitness or explore some scenery without breaking a sweat, a softail ebike is a perfect choice. The article above discusses aspects to consider when purchasing a softail ebike. With this information, you will be better able to choose the right softail ebike for yourself. With a softail ebike for any terrain, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and feel the excitement of riding!


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