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What Are Binary Options Signals?

First, let's define what binary options signals are. Binary options signals are recommendations for making a trade while trading binary options. Receiving trading signals for options usually occurs via: Mail, SMS, platform or a closed category of the site./the forum .


"Sources of binary options signals and Best Binary Service


Types of binary options signals

Binary options signals are divided into several types and are provided to traders on different terms. Signals can be for specific assets or for everything that is being traded. There is a difference in the signal decision algorithm, which divides binary signals into several types.


Types of generating signals for options

Robot Signals are generated by trading robots. The program includes an algorithm for making decisions on assets. If the conditions are met, the robot signals that it is necessary to open a trade. These are usually complex strategies.


Analysis — an analyst's forecast using technical or fundamental analysis.


News-the signal is generated at/ before the release of news on the binary options trading strategy based on the News


Social trading-a signal is generated based on the number of trades made by a group of traders. [/list]


Who earns money from signals with Binary Trading


In order to understand what results we can expect from trading binary signals, we need to understand who earns money from them.


Robots-Today there is a whole industry that creates robots for trading options. However, their goal is not to provide traders with high-quality signals, but to earn money by selling their trading robot. This is done in groups or by a single programmer who churns out programs without delving into the meaning of binary indicators and their values. They themselves do not use the robot in trading, as the result will be negative. After all, if the robot earned money, why sell it, when you can make a deposit and earn money yourself.


False gurus are super specialists who have already earned millions themselves, and now help traders. Just to get the signal, you need to open an account with a binary options broker. The broker pays a commission for this account. The result of trading is not interesting, as the money has already been received.


Social trading — this service is mainly provided by brokers. But if we know that the main mass is losing money, then what is the point of repeating the behavior of the crowd. Brokers themselves earn money on this, as they ask you to make a deposit of a certain size in order to start receiving social signals. Please note that basically signals for binary options are provided either after payment or after opening an account with a binary options broker. (Think about it)


Binary options broker signals — this type of signal earns the broker, to receive signals requires a certain deposit.


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