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Watercolor Shampoo from Salon Supplies - Tips on Coloring Your Hair

Like anyone else, I understand the need to save money and budget. To cut costs, some of my clients even cut their own hair! Indeed, depending on the work done, the maintenance of hair can be very expensive. This is why more and more people decide to dye their hair at home. If you want to change your hair with Watercolor Shampoo, I suggest you go to a salon instead of doing it yourself. Before applying any permanent dye to your head, read the tips on dyeing your hair.


It is always a wise choice to follow the manufacturer's instructions, but don't always assume that your hair needs to be processed all the time written on the box. People with gray hair or strong resistance need full time for treatment. If your hair is very thin with very little gray, then the general practice is 30-35 minutes.


Fine hair is like a sponge, and the ends may be darker than the rest. When the color stays on the hair for too long, it may become darker!


Don't wash your hair! I know that certain dyes available to the public tell you to use them only on clean hair. That is one thing that makes me angry. If you wash and dry your hair before permanent coloring, you can actually burn your scalp. The hair dye is processed quickly when heated. Washing and drying your hair will cause blood to flow to the scalp and generate heat. This will burn off the scalp. If the scalp is itchy soon after use, it means that the scalp is burning or allergic to chemicals.


You can add styling Salon Supplies products to your hair because the color will change anyway. In fact, when I highlight with foil, I use hair spray to help control the hair spray.


It's okay to use a comb to get rid of the tangles in your hair beforehand. But don't over stimulate the scalp. Do not use brushes.


Mix a small amount of color and developer together and perform an allergy test according to the manufacturer's instructions.


When washing the color, shampoo twice. You don’t want any color on your hair, do you?


Do not wash your hair 48 hours after dyeing. You can always rinse your hair with water and then use conditioner. This will preserve your color and make your hair self healing.

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