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VolcanoBuilders - Kitchen Remodeling Dos and Don'ts in 2022

You know how intense all the decision-making can be if you have renovated or doing kitchen remodeling. Then you decide on a color scheme, choose finishes, and pray that your decisions are the correct ones.

Your kitchen renovation leads you to realize there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here you will learn essential points of Kitchen remodel and what you should and should not do.



  • Invest in a pullout wastebasket cabinet. A sliding track can be installed in a lower cabinet to create your DIY pullout trash can working with your existing kitchen cabinets. If you’re planning to design your kitchen yourself, you should consider installing a trash can cabinet with a pullout.
  • Along with countertops, install ceiling lights. Lighting in the kitchen should adhere to certain guidelines. If you’re installing new recessed lights, place several along the countertop edge and space them around four feet apart.
  • If space allows, get an island in the middle of the kitchen. Adding extra storage and seating to the kitchen island is important since it serves as a gathering place for everyone at home. Visitors tend to gravitate towards the island as they enter the house. Moreover, the island adds more countertop space, which is always in short supply!

  • You may also want to include more natural light such as windows along with all your recessed lights. Consider mood lighting as well. In the evening, you want to dim the lights and have a more ambient feel. Hang pendant lights or use accent lighting as needed.
  • When redesigning the layout of your kitchen, create a work triangle.  You should make an efficient flow when redesigning the layout. On your floor plan, trace a line from your fridge to sink, stovetop, and back to your fridge. Make a triangle. Your appliances may need to be repositioned to create a better flow if not in a triangle formation



  • Position your fridge away from walls since a lot of people make this mistake. In general, you should leave around 4 inches between the fridge and the wall, but don’t forget to account for the floor trim installed later and the curvature of the fridge door that makes it impossible to open fully.
  • Please do not place your oven directly next to the wall or another appliance since you don’t want it crowded. Place a lower cabinet on each side of the oven to have enough workspace on both sides.

  • It would help if you didn’t position recessed lights too far from the edge of your countertops. If you are preparing food at your counter, stand straight up, and you should see the light directly above you. You will create your own shadow on the countertop if it is behind your head.
  • Don’t place your wastebasket too far from the sink and keep it near. Ideally, it would be best to put it below your sink or next to your sink in a lower cabinet. As food particles are constantly dug out of sinks and thrown away, the shortest distance is best!
  • Stainless steel sinks aren’t a good idea. Some do not like stainless steel sinks because they are more of a personal preference than anything else! In the first 30 seconds after wiping it down, it looks clean. There are always water spots on it, and if you have hard water, good luck removing them. Choose black sink quality material.


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