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Unique European Country Borders

International borders have become an essential way of life, even if it ends up being controversial at times. In fact, the international border is important because it signifies the end of obligations of a country towards its people and land.



Country borders tend to be unique and even outright weird in landlocked regions such as Europe. Here are some unique European country borders for you.



Norway and Sweden


Both these Scandinavian countries have an almost identical landscape, especially at their borders. Only a thin strip of land separates the coniferous forests, with one side of the road being Norway and the other Sweden. Since both countries are relatively peaceful ones, there hasn't been much military activity on this narrow strip. It also explains why this road is not appropriate for a drive during winter.


 1 Larigan


Source: Larigan



Netherlands and Belgium


Two peaceful and friendly countries that share a border in the middle of the road is Netherlands and Belgium. Yes, the international border between the two countries runs through the Main street of the town of Baarle. This is why this town belongs to both the countries, with the Belgium side called Baarle-Hertog and the Netherlands side called Baarle-Nassau. Many tourists flock to see this unique border, so there are abundant flights to Netherlands and Belgium's major cities. You can take local transportation to get to this unique town.


 2 Giorgois Vrachliotis


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Russia and the US


Did you know that a mere 4 kilometers separate Russia from the US? The Diomede islands are a twin pair of islands, with one pair on the US side and the other on the Russian side.  Yet, the Russian side of the island is almost 21 hours ahead of the US side!


 3 Quoc Tin Nguyen


Source: Quoc Tin Nguyen



Spain and Portugal


Spain and Portugal are friendly neighbors that are joined together by a single road. As you drive down that road, you'll notice the apparent difference in road conditions when you cross Spain and enter Portugal, as the latter is notorious for its poor roads. To drive through this historic road, take any flight to Spain or Portugal and rent a car to get to the border.


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We hope you enjoyed seeing these unique European borders. Now, visit them to get a first-hand experience.

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