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Uetx.Com - Ad Fraud Protection Tool

Unfortunately, fraud has infected the entire online advertising environment. Advertisers are spending a lot of money to get their message out to consumers. Experts estimate that 35% of all online ad traffic is fraudulent. Imagine how incredible your performance could be once we are able to remove all that fraudulent ad traffic. Nonhuman traffic:

Simple Bots:

These are basically scripts that are generated from a particular server, such as Amazon Web Services. They are called “simple” because they are fairly simple to identify: they have a static user agent, IP address, cookie ID, and etc. All these features make it fairly easy to fingerprint and block them.

Sophisticated Bots:

Sophisticated bots are much more difficult to track down because they use more sophisticated methods like random proxies in order to alternate IP addresses, alternating user agents, to mimic normal CTRs, and sometimes even mimic actual mouse movements that have been captured from browser activity. These tactics make it quite difficult to fingerprint so they can be blocked.


Botnets are comprised of a large group of personal computers, usually residential, that have somehow been comprised by unsavory individuals. These people have gotten control of these computers and use them to load and click on ads. This activity generates what looks like legitimate impressions and clicks on ads, but in reality they are all fake. will detect and combat fraud in all its forms so that all that remains are real users, people making real clicks that get you real results. Sharing your hard-earned profits will soon be a thing of the past!

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