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Trendy Interior Design ideas for your home


When designing the Interior of rooms of a home, it sometimes become difficult to come up with right ideas to create a perfect space. The main challenge lies in trying to create the right look by incorporating the perfect materials, colors and design. With interior design trends changing every six months, it’s vital to be aware of the latest materials, colours and styles for your next Interior Design Project. Irrespective of the size or the layout of the room you wish to design, we present some hot ideas ideas that can be adapted to almost any home. Whether it’s for an ultra-modern apartment in New York or a Condo in Miami, you will definitely find the below design ideas useful.

Try some Abstract Prints and Sophisticated Shades

If your minimalistic side is not onboard with bright, crayon-like colors, you can consider mixing things up with abstract prints with a touch of sophisticated shades. For example, a pale blue sofa can anchor any bohemian-inspired living room. You can also spice things up with Pillows and two Memphis print chairs with soft hues and colorful patterns. The final look will be just awesome and will make you say Wow!.


Consider Using your walls as Canvas

Instead of restricting the Canvas space, you can rather use the entire wall as a Canvas and rather than art, a high-impact wallpaper can give a subdued room some wow-factor. For example, if you love to dwell in the chapters of History, you can opt for say, a 19th century wallcovering which can be purchased at various stores and can be adapted to the room. This will make the space look big and in a way will create an entirely different space within the same room.


A touch of Classic

What about bringing a touch of the Old World into the mix? A touch of Classic will create a home that will never feel dated. According to to MsME Interior Design, a leading Interior Design firm which provide services to condo owners in the Miami FL area, a tocuh of Classic will always give a fresh look to your room. For example, one can hang a silver leaf–and–rock crystal chandelier in an otherwise modern dining room. This mix will always remain fresh.


Ever thought of using a Butterfly Wallpaper?

Butterfly wallpaper with the great Ikat print pillows and an embroidered quilt will colorize this otherwise any colored bedroom in a home. A relatively new design concept, Butterfly wallpapers can bring nature right inside your bedroom and will create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Turkish Rug

Though it depends on your choice, you can always use the combination of a moody shade of teal paint and an exuberant Turkish rug as key ingredients in your design plan that will definitely give your living room a dramatic aesthetic. It will be soothing to your eyes.


Brighten a Neutral Space With Colorful Curtains

You can opt for colorful, floral curtains to brighten up a family denominated by neutral furnishings. Moreover, you can always put an abstract painting over the desk that will ultimately add to the array of kaleidoscopic hues.


Bohemian Living Room

Bohemian-style living rooms are considered cozy and comfy. They are typically Characterized by lots of green plants, layers of color and pattern and a healthy mix of eclectic furnishings. Moreover, they are rooms are also budget-friendly! The combination of Navy ceilings and colorful accessories handcrafted by your local artisans will personalize the space.


Mix Metals for added Warmth

Especially for kitchen, in order to soften the modern edge of stainless steel, one can put a traditional spin on the kitchen cabinet the with brass inlays. Interestingly, with the help of a local hardware maker, you can even design your own hinges and drawer pulls. A little play with the hinges and drawer pulls will not only make your kitchen unique but will also make the entire space reflect your personality.


Darker Tones for Bedroom?

Darker tones for bedrooms have different purposes. One can use darker tones on the walls to create instant depth, in particular, wall coverings rather than paint can help you to create a cosy feel. Moreover, layering textures and patterns within a scheme will helps to create that warm enveloping vibe.

In order to complete the perfect sultry bedroom scheme, one can choose a colour palette of warm hues, highlighted with golds, bronzes on antique brass finishes on decorative lighting, furniture and accessories.

Moreover, if you are looking for an on-trend shade that will revive your decor, consider using ultra violet. Designers know that robust hue works with both warm and cool tones.


Midcentury Inspired Living Room

For a midcentury-inspired living room, you can try combination of Yellow curtains and a pair of turquoise armchairs. This will add vigor to the overall appearance. The armchairs play a significant role in any midcentury inspired room, and therefore you need to be very selective in your decision before you finalize the armchair.

MsME Interior Design, a leading interior design firm in Miami suggests that one should be open to various ideas and suggestions and an idea, the rendering of which on a paper, might not look appealing initially can come out really well in real life.

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