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Treat Your Children to The Very Best in Cotton Bedding this Festive Season

When you are tasked with choosing the best bedsheet for your bedroom, it could be overwhelming to factor in the color and texture of your bedroom walls, the pocket pinch, and the quality of bedsheets. Children are more prone to catching infections, or developing rashes from bad quality materials. Most ordinary bedding companies use a lot of harmful dyes to color their bedsheets. This festive season, please choose an organic, durable, premium-quality cotton double bedsheet, or bath towels to treat your family to the best. The virus is still doing rounds, so we recommend you to buy bedsheets online, and spend a safe and happy Christmas.  


Choices in Cotton Bedding

Cotton is a versatile fabric, produced from the pods of tress, or other mechanical procedures. Read on to know the varieties of cotton types available. Most premium quality cotton double bed sheets are the best. You could go for any type, or thread count. Make sure that the company you are buying your King cotton bedsheet from pays fair wages to their workers.


  • Natural Silk Cotton: Ilavam Panju

Natural silk cotton, a premium quality cotton fabric is derived from the cotton pods in the southern part of India. It is where it gets its name,  Ilavam Panju from. These cotton pods are used to to fill Kapok mattresses. The filling is eco-freindly, and the Kapok residue is also used for other purposes, making it completely safe, sustainable, and reliable. You could gift your child an organic Kapok mattress, or organic Kapok pillows to make their upcoming year healthier.


  • Bamboo Cotton

The wooden, hard part of the bamboo trees is crushed mechanically and broken down by enzymes to make a mushy lump. It is spun into threads that feel like linen. Viscose rayon, a cellulose fiber, is used to make bamboocotton bedsheets. A King size bedsheet made from bamboo cotton is also thermoregulating and sustainable.


  • Egyptian Cotton

The key factor in determining good quality cotton bedsheets is its fibre. Egyptian cotton is the best fabric to make bedsheets as they are long and strong. It creates a higher thread count and ensures quality cotton double bedsheet production. Egyptian cotton bedsheets are also very durable and breathable.

Why cotton bed sheets are the best bet?

  • Breathable material

Egyptian cotton bedsheets are made from the most sweat-wicking cotton yarn, making them ideal for tropical families. They are comfortable, breathable, and soft to touch.


  • Hypoallergenic

Organic cotton bedsheets are made without any synthetic additives, or harmful fertilizers. They are very gentle on the skin. If your child is prone to getting rashes, or you have a newborn, whose skin is super sensitive, please choose a cotton double bedsheet that is organic and hypoallergenic.


  • Cooling

Organic Cotton bedding in Percale weave is a special kind of bedsheet that is made by making a hollow core with 100% cotton yarn. It is also hypoallergenic and soft to touch, making it ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. Don’t we all love to cool off in bed during summers?


  • Affordable pocket pinch

Contrary to popular belief, organic cotton bedsheets do not cost a fortune. It may cost a few bucks more than ordinary cotton bedsheets, but the benefits that come from using organic bedsheets are worth the money. They are sustainable, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, breathable, easy maintenance, and soft to touch. Not to mention, they keep a whole community of organic cotton farmers in employment.


  • Long-lasting

Organic cotton bedsheets last longer than ordinary bedsheets. The high quality cotton weave is obviously to blame. The cotton bedsheets go through plenty of washes, so the ordinary ones get rough very easily.Your best bet would be an organic cotton bedsheet, as you need to frequently wash your bedding in the pandemic.


  • Easy maintenance

Cotton bedsheets require zero skills to maintain. You could just throw them into a washer with cold water and dry them flat out in the sun.


  • Feels Gentle on the skin

The weave and spin on a yarn makes organic cotton bedsheets super soft to touch. They are available in a wide variety of prints and fits available for you to choose from. Some bedding companies also offer customizable options.


  • Anti-Microbial: A Necessity in 2021-2022

A King size bedsheet made from premium quality organic cotton is made with anti-microbial fibers and spun into a yarn. The method is usually done with silver threads, making the weave very clustered and smooth. There is no space for microbes to thrive in.


Signing Off: Recommendations

If you are looking for sustainable businesses that sell quality cotton bedding, we recommend Amouve Bedding and Bath Products. They have a wide range of organic products like organic Kapok mattresses, cotton bath towels, organic fitted bedsheets, organic cotton bedsheets, and tons more.


  • Sustainable: Better for the Planet

Amouve cotton bedsheets last for years, as they have a super-soft sateen weave. It is better for the planet, as you will not need to replenish your bedsheet collection every two months. They have a fantastic team of workers, who will meticulously screen check your sheets by hand, to ensure that you only receive the best for your family.


  • Long Staple Cotton used

Amouve used long staple cotton that is sourced directly from the fields. They have a single ply 300 thread countfitted bedsheets, with a thick, proprietary weave, lending their cotton bedsheets a luxe finish.


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