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Traveling With A Medical Companion


Why people may need to travel with a medical companion, how people who have anxiety, or a disability will benefit from traveling with a medical companion, who it is safer to travel with a medical companion for those who may need a little or a lot of medical attention.

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As part of our uncompromising commitment to customer service, we can now also arrange medical travel companions to help you, your employees or family members meet their travel needs. From simple domestic flights to more complex international journeys, our medical travel partners will assist and ensure our customers reach their destination safely. All of our companions are experienced nannies, nurses or caregivers, enabling us to provide varying levels of care and support as needed.

Medical travel companions can:

Escort passengers to and from the airport or hospital.

Help the traveler to the side on the way.

Provide ancillary services for the entire journey.

Please visit the following website for more information or to book a medical travel companion.

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