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Tournament Tips for Lacrosse Players

You have practiced lacrosse for so many days and dreamt of playing at the tournaments and you come closer to your dream. As they always say “do it nice or do it twice” . Below are some tips that will be help you to do it nice in your games.

  1. Plan your day in advance by making a list of all the things you need to carry to the tournaments. Pack your car the night before with the necessary thing like your gear, playing equipment, food, etc. to avoid any kind of stress in the morning.
  2. Playing at a tournament is not any different than practicing. If you have done well in your practice hours with all the needed focus and attention and show the same amount of determination, then you are bound to succeed.
  3. Drink lots of water from just 2 days before the games to keep yourself hydrated. Keep sipping water until your urine runs clear.
  4. A week before your game, inspect your equipment and gear for any kind of damages, loose strings or tape. Adjust and fix your equipment as needed. Keep your shoes clean and keep a set of washed and clean clothes ready for the big day.  Both good attire and posture gives you confidence to perform.
  5. Eat a nutritious meal filled with carbs and fresh vegetables. plan meals for the next day and choose foods like pasta and vegetables that will give you long-lasting energy.
  6. Reach the location 60 to 90 minutes early. Make the best use of this time to mentally adjust yourself to your new environment. Make sure you get some rest after the journey. Do some mental rehearsals of the game or any affirmations if you are used to it.
  7. What usually catches the attention of a coach is the energy levels of a player and his ability to maintain focus till the end. So, keep yourself cool and stay focused.
  8. Utilize every opportunity to display your strengths. Always play your strength and showcase it in the game, be it shooting, passing or defense.
  9. Be a team player.
  10. Maintain your composure, If you make yourself nervous then there is no way you can perform at your best. 


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