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Top Things That Drive Your Barber Nuts

Want to get the best service at barber shop manhattan? Learn how not to annoy your barber and get best service ever.


  1. Absence of punctuality

All barbers at barber shop manhattan agree that there is nothing worse than a client who comes late. These clients have no respect to other people’s time and mess up the whole schedule. Perhaps you have serious reasons and can’t make it in time, then just make a call and warn about your situation. There is always a possibility to reschedule your appointment without driving everyone crazy.


  1. Not knowing what you want

You should always know what you want before even making an appointment. Barbers cannot read minds or predict future, so you have to give them clear explanations. Having no idea what you want makes your barber guess and increases the possibility of getting bad results. Do some thinking before coming to make your barber’s life easier.


  1. Lack of personal hygiene

It’s a shame that we have to talk about this because following basic rules of personal hygiene is so simple! Barber has to work in a very close proximity to the clients and has no desire to smell bad breath or sweaty armpits. Take a shower, put some deodorant, and brush your teeth – it’s very simple!


  1. Extreme talkativeness

It’s nice when you keep a light conversation with your barber, but it shouldn’t turn into a detailed exposition of your life story. Your barber’s task is to work with your hair, not to listen to shocking details of your personal life. Moreover, extreme talkativeness of client is very distracting, so keep quiet if you want a good haircut.


  1. Very high expectations

Barbers are not magicians, so don’t expect miracles to happen. If you bring a picture of Brad Pitt and want to look the same, pull back the reins. Your barber will do everything for you to get a haircut of your dreams, but they have no power to change your face.


  1. Clients who leave no tips

Tips are important part of your barber’s income, so nobody likes bad tippers. Moreover, these greedy feeling of yours can drive your barber nuts! Tip is like a confirmation that you really like your new haircut, so be generous!


Now you ready to go to the barbershop as following these simple tips you’ll never annoy your barber.


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