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Top Property Managers and Property Management in Manhattan

Property management Manhattan is the day-to-day control of residential, commercial or industrial real estate by a third-party contractor. Property managers are usually responsible for routine repairs, as well as the ongoing maintenance, safety and upkeep of the building. They typically work with investors who own condominiums and condominium complexes, private residential communities, shopping centers and industrial parks.


Their primary responsibilities include managing the day-to-day duties assigned to them by owners and maintaining the value of the properties they manage while generating income.


Important points

  • Property management refers to third-party supervision of real estate.
  • Top Property Managers in Manhattan are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a property, from tenant screening to repair and maintenance programs.
  • The landlord pays the property manager a fee or a percentage of the rent received.
  • Property managers' operations are governed by state laws.


Property Management: An Overview

Real estate developers prefer to move on to the next project as soon as the previous one is completed. They prefer to delegate day-to-day operations to outside companies, even though they retain title to the property.


A property manager's responsibilities typically include the following:

  • Screen potential tenants
  • We draft, sign and renew leases on behalf of landlords.
  • rent collection
  • Landscaping and snow removal are part of property maintenance.
  • Organize required property repairs
  • Develop and adhere to a property maintenance budget


Companies must comply with any state and municipal landlord-tenant laws and regulations


The landlord pays the property manager a fee or a percentage of the rent the property generates during its management.


Tenants and income property owners may find it difficult to navigate the state rental market. ATLAS NYC was formed to help property owners generate income from their local apartments or homes without the burden of leasing and managing them, and to help tenants find a place to call home.


ATLAS NYC is fantastic. We are neither brokers nor agents; rather, we are Top Property Managers in Manhattan and act as property managers. We can provide all of our clients with fast, attentive and reliable customer service because we focus all our attention on managing rental properties. On cold winter nights, you won't lose sleep worrying about whether your tenants will wake you up with news of their burst water mains or anything wrong - we at ATLAS NYC can treat any emergency with the same care And urgently deal with any emergency in your own home.


Not only do we have strong ties to the city, but we also understand the needs of homeowners and tenants as current homeowners and former long-term tenants in New York City. Anyone who owns or lives in a home we manage is our client and we treat them like family.


Contact us : to learn more about how we can specifically assist you with your specific needs.

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