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Top 5 Online Adult Toy Store You Should Be Buying From

Well, according to a survey by, an online portal that deals in all things sex and pleasure, from sex toys to erotic literature, the sale of sex toys, especially vibrators, has increased since Lockdown and Series like Lust Stories was released on Netflix!


So if you're one of those who really want to turn up the heat in the bedroom by yourselves, without any outside help, we've listed a few websites for you for you to shop online! These websites pride themselves on discretion and privacy! So, don't worry if the package is delivered to your place, nobody will know what's inside! Also, it's all legal, so you won't get into any unnecessary trouble!


Remember how when you were young and it was an afternoon in winter when suddenly you were all heated up from the inside and your heart was just racing to get out of your body but you didn't know what to do about it? Yes...Your family was in the next room and you contemplated locking the door just to...explore? That feeling of inquisition, we as human beings never lose that, only we often do not embrace it now. Sex is a part of growing up and adult life. Hedonism might not be the foremost principle of life but pleasure and happiness sure is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Let this article open doors for you, let this article take you to a world where pleasure is the ultimate goal. provides not just sex toys but condoms, lubes and enhancement gels, that not only increases the performance time but enhances it! And sexy lingerie and night suit isn't for women only.


Helping you achieve this are a variety of sex toys, strip poker card games and exotic massage oils ranging from for men, women, LGBTQ+ and couples to different brands, uses and choices. What is stopping you? Find the most mystical range of choices in just waiting for you to surf through and be comfortable with.


In 2020,, an e-commerce adult toys store from Mumbai, collated data from 100 orders and 3 months of internal traffic to review consumer behaviour. While metros like Mumbai and Delhi registered the very best sales, the demand from tier 2 and three cities had increased by 25% within the previous 12 months, the survey found. for instance, Gujarat ranked sixth in terms of overall demand. But during the Navratri festival, it jumped to 3rd position.

That’s Personal

With an under INR 499 category, we can’t get enough of the thermal and Ayurvedic sensual products. Oftentimes, we come across shoddily done up websites, but this is not one of them. With fun edible and tactile stuff like chocolate body paint, warming gels and adult board games, they keep a very vast collection of Indian and imported products. They do COD and are a 100% discreet. is a one stop shop to browse, shop & experience a bold & beautiful lifestyle. Adult Lifestyle webstore& Bachelor/Bachelorette Party superstore, it is one of the most daring & bold concept in Indian webspace. showcasing amazing products sourced from popular brands in US & Europe, present them in a multi-device capable elegant online store for you to order them instantly in a smooth & 'easy on the eye process'.


Guptt is a website as interesting as its name! With luxury sex toys, the starting range for a vibrator is somewhere around Rs 11K! This one is for the times you really feel like splurging on yourself

India is the land of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Sanskrit text on sexuality and sexual awakening. Sex and intimate toys have been considered taboo in India for a while. Now, however, the rising demand for sex products and adult toys speaks to the progressive buyer's needs.


At the Kaamastra sex shop, it is easy to buy sex toys and choose from several types of popular sex toys like vibrators, dildos, butt plug, penis rings, bondage harness, sex furniture, and a lot more. Fulfill your needs with anniversary presents, sex games, role-play costumes, and many more versatile goodies at this sex shop.

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