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Top 3 Vacations You Can Take This Easter

Easter break is probably the first long holiday in many countries, so it's a great time to travel to countries that are very different from China. This time of the year also presents a fantastic opportunity to see how other countries celebrate Easter, not to mention the mild weather that will prevail worldwide during this time.


Below are three destinations that we think will give you a whole new feel this Easter.





Seychelles is an interesting destination as it combines fun and relaxation to rejuvenate your mind and body. Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Eastern Africa, this destination is probably the closet to China too.


You can dive into the natural diversity even before your flight to Seychelles touches ground. Its pristine beaches surrounded by granite boulders and turquoise waters are a sight to behold. With 16 islands, you have ample choices for snorkelling, turtle watch, swimming, sun bath, water sports and more.


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Nairobi is another destination that is sure to take you as close to nature as possible. Nairobi National Park is probably the only national park in the world that you can reach by taxi or bus and it bustles with giraffes, lions, elephants and more. In fact, you can watch them as they go about their everyday life to give you a whole new perspective about animals.



Besides animals, there are plenty of activities here. You can hike through the Ngong hills, rock climb at the Hell's Gate National Park or even visit the Bomas of Kenya to get an immersive cultural experience. The presence of many flights to Nairobi add to the pleasure of making this city your next Easter destination.


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Rome is a major Christian religious center, so it's the perfect place to visit if you want to know more about Easter and how it is celebrated here. Vatican mass in the Sistine chapel is a must-visit event during Easter as it gives you a hands-on feel of Easter celebrations. Overall, the city also sports a festive look, so hop on the Easter weekend flight to Rome to enjoy these sights.


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Easter holiday can be converted into an exciting time to explore new places, and we hope you'll enjoy these destinations.

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