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Top 10 Yiwu Sourcing Agent


Getting a Sourcing Company to support you with the importing of products from China can be a very beneficial thing to do. But, if you are not able to find the right China Trading Agent, it might only initiate delays or might need to pay higher per unit prices.

Considering the fact that this is not an industry that is regulated by any kind of organisation, anyone or everyone can become a sourcing agent supplier and manage products.

Before you choose a sourcing company, it becomes important to know what a Yiwu Sourcing Agent can do and what should you expect from them.


Need for a Sourcing Agent or Company

The need for a Yiwu Sourcing Agent arises when you need qualified or certified suppliers that can satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers.

Keep in mind that there are no fixed industry standards that that determine how the supplier sourcing process should work. Thus, a majority of the business that offer sourcing companies or Yiwu Sourcing Agent services work on the basis of relationship that they have with the existing companies. Thus, they are more focussed on working with the existing suppliers that they are already in contact with.

Thus, here the suppliers that you are provided by the sourcing companies are logically given to you after going through the technical specifications and not because a supplier has given some extra kickbacks to the sourcing companies.


How do the sourcing companies receive their payments?

There are a lot of sourcing companies that charge on the basis of commission that is determined by the order value. However, the modern day Yiwu Sourcing Agent providers charge you with a fixed price for the services.

Moreover, a majority of the companies charge you on the service basis instead of commission basis. But the cost might differ based on the type of Yiwu Sourcing Agent that you are looking for or you want to work with.

There are several Yiwu Sourcing Agents that you can choose from if you are looking to import from or in China. Here we have the top ten Yiwu Sourcing Agent that you can choose from.

  1. Trendimius China Sourcing agent


It is one of the most professional sourcing agents that have its base in Yiwu, China. They mainly serve the sourcing purpose for the small businesses that import products from China at a very affordable and reasonable price.

They offer the best quality service and have a very good management system. In general Trendimius Sourcing agent has more than 40 local Chinese employees that take care of your projects and needs.

The services they have to offer include product sourcing, production management, product quality inspection, shipping control and management and product photography as well. They do not simply perform the inspection of the product but they also negotiate with the suppliers and deal with the quality problems on behalf of you.

Therefore, it becomes one of the most popular Yiwu Sourcing Agent companies that you can depend on when you choose to import product from China.

  1. Meeno Group

If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional Yiwu Sourcing Agent to help you import products from China. It is too located in Yiwu, China.

It is said a business is as good as the person running it. Max is the owner of Meeno group and he makes sure that everything is carried out smoothly.

The sourcing services offered by the company include quality inspection, sourcing products in China, warehouse storage, shipping management and control, etc.

Another benefit that you get with Meeno Group is that they also provide you with the supplier’s information, the commission rate, shipping method being used and every other information that you might need is available to you.

  1. IMEX Sourcing Services

Businesses mostly prefer to work with companies that offer sourcing of all kind of services, like supplier research, inventory control and logistics handling, product development and quality inspection to shipping of the products.

IMEX is one such Yiwu Sourcing Agent that offers you all. Once you hire this sourcing agent, your inspection and quality services needs are sorted, which saves a lot of time.

IMEX sourcing is among the very few companies like Meeno group that offers access to the clients using personalized portal on their respective websites, where they can track the progress of sourcing orders, which makes it easy for the management of the products. They also offer custom clearance and logistics services, as well.

It is recommended for small and medium businesses.

  1. 80/20 Sourcing

For individuals or businesses that are looking for an online resource that want to import products from China, 80/20 sourcing becomes the best option.

The owner of this sourcing company is Gary Huang, who has been working as a Yiwu Sourcing Agent since the last 9 years and is considerably dealing with the top retailers from the major cities around the world.

Being the oldest in the business it has hundreds of suppliers in almost every industry that can help you source any product that you want.

It is mostly preferred because of its courses and high quality coaching that it offers to all its customers and help them in the process of sourcing products.

The 80/20 sourcing agent is recommended for the business that are looking to start their business with Amazon or any other E-commerce business. You not only get a good China Sourcing Agent but a good mentor as well.

  1. Run Sourcing

It is another great china sourcing agent that has its base in Dongguan, China.

A benefit with RUN Sourcing Company is that it is a technological company, which focuses on cooperation with big data companies that you can find on the internet. The use of Amazon Cloud service for finding and processing products, make it more beneficial.

The services offered by Run Sourcing Company include supplier research, contract negotiation, product sample consolidation, quality control and management, product inspection, logistics and shipping of the products, etc.

The company’s policy assures complete transparency of the supplier’s information, commission rate, shipping method and other essential information that you might need.

Whether you have an e-commerce business or small and large businesses, Run Sourcing works as the best sourcing agents that you can find in China.

  1. Dragon Sourcing

If you are looking for international sourcing and procurement service provider that offer sourcing services for importing different products from different parts of China.

As far as sourcing companies are considered, Dragon Sourcing Company is the largest of them all. It has its office in various parts of the world. The office of the company is located in Shanghai.

Here the services offered include all kinds of sourcing services, which ranges from supplier research to development of products and shipping. Once you hire their services, you also get to go through the supply market chain in Vietnam.

As it was founded in 2014, it is considerably the oldest sourcing service provider in China and thus has its reach to various parts of the world.

  1. Bay Source Global

In general, most sourcing companies have their base in China, but the Bay Source Global Company is located in US, while the head office is situated in Tampa, Florida.

Bay Source Global is generally used as a China Sourcing agent that looking for US based importers and buyers.

Bay Source is another company that offers range of sourcing services, beginning from product identification and supplier research to product development and imports. Additionally, the services also include sourcing, manufacturing, product supply chain, measuring strategies, quality control and management and shipping.

The Bay Source Global is considerably a manufacturing outsourcing company, but they also have sourcing services for importers and businesses. For individuals that have small and medium business, they can hire the services from the company.

  1. LINC Sourcing

It is another company that has its based outside China, the head office is situated in Sweden, but its branches are also located in China, Spain, UK and Italy.

LINC sourcing is a good option for the European based businesses that are looking for China Sourcing agent for their products.

Services offered by LINC Sourcing include product sourcing, quality control, logistics, management and control and shipping. Businesses can also demand for quality inspection of the products and also get a dedicated team for every client.

The sourcing services work best for the small and medium business that are European based and are looking for a good China based supplier.

  1. Lazpanda

Another good China Sourcing Agent in China that is located in Shenzhen, China, is Lazpanda. The company comprises of young individuals that are working together to offer sourcing services for various products in China.

Hiring a trusted partner as a China Sourcing agent is very important. When you hire the services of a Lazpanda, help you to get the right suppliers, reduces the cost and decreases the risk when you are importing from China.

You can also look for other sourcing services that are offered by the sourcing agent.

  1. Foshan Sourcing

Last but not the least; we have the Foshan Sourcing, a popular China Sourcing Agent in Foshan, China. Being in the field for more than a decade, it is reputed and trustworthy for sourcing manufacturing or construction products.

The most important part of the Foshan sourcing service is providing you with quotation within a couple of days or before once you send your inquiry. Keep in mind that the shipment of the materials is done through sea shipping, as building materials are bulky.

Additional services like factory audits, product inspection, price verification, etc. ensure that you do not have to worry about the products that you are looking to import with Foshan Sourcing.

Are looking for a reliable and trustworthy china sourcing agent? Here you can get multiple sourcing services that include product specification, supplier sourcing, product samples, product control and management and shipping, etc. You have the top 10 china sourcing agent that you can choose from, choose the one that satisfies your needs and requirements.


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