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Things To Know About Designing a Website

Designing a website can be a hectic and stressful process, especially when you are a startup or small business owner working with an external website design expert, but taking time to understand what it takes to create an effective, long-lasting responsive website for your business is essential.

In this document, you will get an insight to the time and effort it takes to build a website and what you should expect when working with an external website agency. The following includes what you should know;

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What do you have to do ensure that the website is completed as quickly as possible yet very efficient?

The first thing is to carry out some internal planning that will ensure you have the required resources available for the parts of the design project where your feedback is required. Then, ask about who the decision-makers are for each stage of the process in order to prepare them in advance to make time available for you to review their delivery and provide feedback. Make sure you limit the major decision makers as a part of this process because a crowded feedback can lead to confusion and this clouds the website design process rather clarifying it.


What content management system (CMS) options do you have in place? Do they have a choice of CMS? How does their choice affect completion time?

There are several types of websites and each type of website requires a CMS that perfectly suits your website design for effective and efficient functionality. For ecommerce websites, both Magento and Woocommerce platforms are great. Both platforms have an enormous amount of functionality, hundreds of existing premium plug-ins and extensions for added functionality, as well as a ton of information online for support and troubleshooting. For informational websites, the choice of WordPress is great. WordPress is a scalable platform that is very easy-to-use with beautiful themes and plugins. Two other great CMS options that are available today are Joomla and Drupal.


What features of designing a website take the longest time and additional cost?

If you are wondering about which features of designing a website take more time and are worth additional cost, it's best to take note of the features that can help rank your website higher and make it more visible in online search engines. Consider features that can help improve your website usability when your target audience starts visiting it and provide them with tools/information required to make a conversion.

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Why the integration of a responsive design is worth the investment?

One great feature of modern website designs is the integration of social media. Having links to your (or your business’) social media profiles on your website is really beneficial. If you want a high engagement with your customers and their feedback, you should integrate social media links into it for a user-generated content. You can as well feed in content from your social media channels on the website such as customer reviews, customer comments/tweets etc. Blogposts are another great feature that can be a huge asset to any business.

Lastly, it is significant to note that rich media content gets better engagement from your target audience and can play a higher role in the ranking factor.

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