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The Wolf of Hamburg and His Crime Network

Caution[!]: Please read this very carefully before dealing with Frank Schlaack and Bralo Automobile.


The research for this article about the “Wolf of Hamburg” a.k.a Frank Schlaack has been carried out over the last weeks together with our investigative partners in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.


All assertions made can be supported by the results of our own research or by documents verified by investigative partners. This crime network has existed for many years and can also be labeled as a “fraud pioneer”. The network of the “Wolf of Hamburg” spans Germany, England, Russia, and the Caucasus as well as North America.

The aim of this article is to:

1. educate the public about the background of this global crime network;

2. gather additional information as well as protect individuals from future fraudulent activities of these bad actors


Frank Schlaack and Bralo Automobile are fraudulent actors. Over several weeks and after extensive investigation, the investigative partners found that Frank Schlaack has been involved in a long-running money laundering scheme. His company Bralo Automobile Hamburg is a fraudulent front for organized crime activity.


Human Trafficking and Child Harassment

Along with other nefarious acts, it has been demonstrated that Frank Schlaack has been at the center of human trafficking, car theft, illegal pornography, and the harassment of children. He has also been arrested on several occasions for human trafficking and child harassment, though he has not yet been charged and this is the subject of ongoing multijurisdictional investigation.


The Dark Russian Money Network

The Wolf of Hamburg has other important partners in his circle. One of them is the Russian Vladislav Sergov (or Vladislav Serhov), another infamous criminal. This “Vlad” started his career with Sunny Abel, who was convicted in the UK and Russia for cybercrime activities and sexual harassment of children. An interesting background report about ABEL and his partnership with SERGOV (formerly SMIRNOFF) can be found through a simple Google Search.


A Warning Message from the Investigators

All potential business partners and clients of Frank Schlaack and Bralo Automobile are cautioned to avoid dealing with them at all costs. If you choose to conduct business with this group, there is a good chance that you will be defrauded, and will wind-up being associated with a very problematic international crime syndicate.


You can find recent reviews from clients of Frank Schlaack and Bralo Automobile at a leading European car review site here:


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  • Reporting a scam helps track down and stop scammers. This prevents other people from being scammed.


You should:

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